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Laguna Marie Empty Laguna Marie

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:39 pm

Laguna Kara Marie


   Basic Character Information

   Starting Bonus: Pocket Change | [Starting Bonus Roll]

   First Name: Laguna
   Middle Name/Initial: Kara
   Last Name: Marie
   Epithet: None yet
   Age: 19
   Gender: Female
   Race: Half-Human Half-Fishman (mimic octopus)
   Faction: Pirate (potential Shichibukai Junior)
   Profession: Graffiti artist

   Physical Appearance

   Height: 5'4
   Weight: 121 Lb

   Hair Style: Varies depending on her mood and decisions
   Hair Color: Varies depending on her mood and decisions
   Eye Color: Hazel colored eyes (changes to amber under certain conditions) with octopus style pupils.
   Scars: None
   Clothing and Accessories: Laguna's clothing tends to vary depending on the climate she is in, usually dressed overly warm or overly cool with things like simple shorts and a top with sandals in hot weather, or an oversized parka in cold weather. Though she almost always has on special polymer stretching latex shorts and tube top. Sometimes she can be found in the same material worn on her legs in the form of stirrup stockings, and fingerless elbow length gloves.

   Description: Laguna is a lithe girl with varying hair styles and colors thanks to the chromatophores in her body due to her mimic octopus heritage, allowing her to freely change up her hair for aesthetic purposes. With a tentacle like texture, her hair is quite odd. Her body tends to shift a little as well in terms of weight and size whenever she utilizes her ink for combat, shrinking back to normal after the fact.

   The Past

   Main Traits: Ho-hum, manic, selective
   Likes: Painting, riding fish, sweet fried tofu
   Dislikes: Restrictions, her adoptive father, secrecy
   Unique laugh: Fftatatatatata

   Hometown: An island that used to be known as Homestead, an island that advocated a great deal of cross species integration and community, Homestead was renamed to Dead Scar Island after a savage war between three pirate parties had occurred. Between the three pirate parties, the island had a third of its landscape turned to crisp ash and desolate wasteland.
   Personality: Laguna can be best described as selectively manic. From having been plucked up at a young age from a scene of tragedy, by a sorrowful partial culprit of the incident no less, and having seen her family burnt before her, is it any wonder why Laguna tends to act pensive, dismissive or just glum about most things.  Whether it's the posh princess style of dismissing those under her, or the casual trunsdere attitude toward those that she has an interest in being with, Laguna cannot help but be somewhat emotionless or put off by those that she does not approve of. The way she acts with those she detests and those she likes is two very different forms of 'dislike'.
Though this easily melts away when she gets her freedom, excited and going in to a hyper active state to get to spread her art, or just getting to stretch her legs.  She's more than happy to express how she really feels with a smile on her face (though she tends to express the truth when putting on her cold persona).  She's a very truthful girl, who will point out plans and secrets because she's just not a fan of leaving anyone in the dark, this has lead to her being kept quiet more often than not by her adoptive father.
When it comes to fighting, she always comments on how troublesome a fight is, and that she'd rather just get it over so she can paint her spark of inspiration from the thrill of a fight, making her priorities clearly known.


Laguna Marie Empty Re: Laguna Marie

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:51 am
Looking forward to seeing where Laguna finds her place~

Laguna Marie V4cCgiY
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