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 ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|] - Page 3 Empty Re: ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Dec 26, 2019 4:36 am


The Reaper Of The Marines

 ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|] - Page 3 RGskDxs

Got you slipping you little bug eye freak!|Ghost
Mouse Vs Ghost Round 4 Info:
Ghost looked on as he smiled at the man. As they was going blow for blow Ghost devil fruit helping him keep up with the captain of the mouse pirates. Ghost would smile at the very thought of him bringing down one of this blues worse pirate. No matter what had happened Ghost Devil Fruit kept Mouse at bay. Releasing another bomb at them he would take down ten more pirates. As he signal for his men to continue to search the ship. Ghost would look on at the rat man beast looking person. This was all and all for him. As it was like time would stand still for himself. Looking on he would see Mouse as the zoan user tried to get closer to him. Talking and what not. But for some odd reason he zoomed out into his thoughts. This was odd for him to do indeed.

However he would soon snap back into place as the rat man Mouse would be standing there. Soon he would see his captain jump out of nowhere. He was indeed a sneaky one. Taking aim at Mouse in a fell sneak attack. He was too loud. As the zoan user would easily block such a thing. Ghost would look on and nearly died of laughter. But he knew his time was coming to strike down the pirate. However he would stop mid way as he saw the captain was in his way. This was crazy for him as he zoomed back with his head in the game. Ghost would look on as the captain jumped next to him. Saying for him to help or is he going to stand around all day. Ghost would look on with a odd look on his face. "Captain what are you doing my devil fruit could kill you. How can I attack with you in my way. This is crazy you know."

The trio was indeed in the middle of combat as smile was leaking everywhere because of the fire. Ghost was without a doubt mad as the captain just ruining his plan of trapping the guy in. But nevertheless he was still ready to go all out in this battle. "Well since you are here let me put you up to speed. This guy is clearly our level of a fighter on stop of that he also have a devil fruit. A zoan rat type black. We can not take this guy lightly or we would end up rat cheese you know. My devil fruit was keeping him at bay. Thank God you did not juno out when I used it. But since you are here. I here by relieved my squad to you. So what is the next order."

Ghost clearly forget to mention that he was winning the fight and that captain Mouse was on his last leg. But it truly slipped his mind. This was something that would happen from time to time. As Ghost looked on waiting on his order. Snapping back into his memory he would remember just before the captain came down. He used a combo of his skills on mouse. Starting with his Big Bang Boom. The inside of the ship was nearly destroyed as Ghost would smile at the scenery. Taking out his inhaler he would breathe in some good old medicine.


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 ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|] - Page 3 Empty Re: ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:52 pm
Captain Shiro attempt to use (HT) Satsujinken on Captain Mouse.
Captain Shiro attempt to use (LT) Giga Slash{Equipment Tech} on Captain Mouse.
Smoke, fire, and debrief may effect (UT) Captain Mouse.

Captain Mouse attempt to uses unnamed technique(HT) on Lieutenant Ghost.
Captain Mouse attempt to uses unnamed technique(UT) on Lieutenant Ghost.

Name : Variable
Epithet : Variable
Age : 0
Height : Variable
Weight : Variable
Species : Variable
Faction : Variable
Crew : Variable
Ship : Variable
Crew Role : Variable
Devil Fruit : Variable
Bounty : Variable
Balance : Variable
Posts : 1281

 ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|] - Page 3 Empty Re: ["Rubeck"|Contestation Arc|]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:52 pm
The member 'Shiro O' Lantern' has done the following action : Dice Roll

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