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[Lore] [Info] Compendium of Tribes (Races/Species) Empty [Lore] [Info] Compendium of Tribes (Races/Species)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:55 pm
Compendium of Tribes (Races/Species)

This page lists all tribes available to be roleplayed as on Revival Dawn and any lore caveats that come with them. You must conform to these caveats.

Tribes on Revival Dawn do not gain any set mechanical benefits. However, we do provide build suggestions for certain tribes which can help you reflect your tribe's strengths, albeit customized to your preferences.

The earliest birthyear player-made characters (including giants) can have is 1730.


Humans are the most populous intelligent species in the world. Humans are found in all walks of life. From the poorest of slums to the wealthiest of castles, humans are everywhere. As such, there are no limitations on which faction you can join as a human. Humans in the One Piece world are unlike those in real life. The shapes of their bodies can vary significantly, and their heights can be much taller than in the real world.


Giants are mighty warriors who look similar to humans. However, Giants, as the name suggests are large. A giant's average height is between 40 to 60 feet (12 to 18 meters), and their weight is measured in tons. They have incredible physical strength and endurance but tend to be relatively slower. We recommend you distribute more points to ATK and DEF for your Giants.

Giants also have over three times the lifespan of the average human. They can live upwards of 300 years. However, they also tend to mature slower and do not reach adolescence until their 40s.

Giants are a combative and honour-bound tribe, and they tend to die in battle more often than in old age. Their home island is Elbaf, but smaller communities of Giants can be found on some islands around the world.


Fishfolk originate from the underwater "island" uncreatively dubbed Fish-man Island. These humanoids can wildly vary in appearance. Their physiology is always based on a species (or combination of species) of marine creatures. However, they are unlike the merfolk (listed below) in that they tend to be bipeds. They move about like humans on land but are also expert swimmers and breath through gills underwater. Fishfolk often integrate water into their combat abilities. Their chief martial art is called "Fish-man Karate". While other tribes can learn this martial art, fishfolk show the greatest proficiency in it. It is to be noted that fishfolk (and merfolk) have a minor advantage as devil fruit users in that while they do lose their ability to swim, they can still breathe and thus are not in danger of drowning when underwater. We recommend you to have Stat Morph techniques or Toggles to mechanically reflect their increased abilities underwater.

Fishfolk have a tense relationship with the World Government. While they are officially recognized as their own species, they tend to have a very difficult time joining the Navy or becoming a Cipher Pol agent. We expect you to acknowledge this struggle in your history if you choose to have your fishfolk character join the Navy or Cipher Pol.


Merfolk, like fishfolk, also originate from Fish-man Island. The chief distinction between merfolk and fishfolk is that merfolk tend to have fishtails instead of legs. These fishtails are based on wildly varying species of marine creatures. Their upper bodies, however, are very similar to humans. Male merfolk are called mermen, and female merfolk are called mermaids. Merfolk are widely known as the fastest swimmers in any ocean - mermaids especially. We recommend you have Stat Morph techniques or Toggles to mechanically reflect their increased abilities underwater. Mermen can also be proficient in the use of "Mermen Combat", a type of martial art which allows them to manipulate water with movements of their limbs. Mermen can also communicate with marine creatures and can sometimes even command them. Unlike fishfolk, merfolk tend to have a harder time moving about on land due to a lack of legs. Mermaids do develop split tails when they reach around the age of 40.

Merfolk also have a tense relationship with the World Government. While they are officially recognized as their own species, they tend to have a very difficult time joining the Navy or becoming a Cipher Pol agent. We expect you to acknowledge this struggle in your history if you choose to have your merfolk character join the Navy or Cipher Pol.

Mink Tribe

Members of the Mink Tribe all originate from their homeland of Zou. Zou is the land atop the Great Elephant Zunesha, who roams the waters of the New World. All minks are known to have a natural instinct that can point them to Zou even if they had never been there before. Minks are biped humanoids each based on various mammals. These can vary wildly even within minks related to each other by blood, and, while rare, some can even be combinations of multiple mammals. Minks are a powerful species that have an innate ability to generate strong static electrical charges. This ability is known as "Electro". They also have a feral form known as "Sulong" which they transform into under the light of a full moon. We recommend you to have Stat Morph techniques to mechanically reflect this form.

Members of the Mink Tribe are not officially recognized by the World Government as their own tribe, and due to the developments of a World Event, they are considered enemies of the state. Any minks who were somehow previously enlisted in the Navy were dishonourably discharged and branded traitors. Minks may no longer enlist in the Navy or Cipher Pol.

Oni Tribe

The Oni Tribe originates from Mystoria Island. They are known for having bull-like horns growing from their temples. Members of the Oni Tribe tend to be taller and stronger built than the average human. In all other aspects, their physiologies are identical to humans. They are rumoured to be in some ways connected to the species of Ancient Giants, however, details of this rumour are lost to time.

Members of the Oni Tribe are rare finds around the world, and most tend to be marginalized or even detested by humans due to their reputation being demonized by the Behemoth - the strongest creature in the world.


There are many islands in the sky formed of "island clouds" along with a singular island called "Upper Yard" made of earth (or "vearth"). People of these islands are collectively known as the "Skyfolk". While their presence on the ground ("Blue Sea") is sparse, their existence is well-known. The skyfolk have small white wings that have no functional use. Their appearance is otherwise identical to humans. The skyfolk are well-versed in the use of dials, which are found almost exclusively on and around sky islands. We recommend you make use of dial technology in your fighting styles if you choose to make skyfolk characters.

The highest authority of skyfolk once used to be titled "God". However, in recent centuries, they have been ruled by the "Alliance of Sky Lords". Each Sky Lord is of a different skyfolk community and represents his/her people. The skyfolk are not commonly recruited into the Navy or Cipher Pol due to the Sky Islands being independent of the World Government, however, they are not forbidden from joining and are treated relatively fairly.


Members of the Kuja Tribe almost exclusively originate from their home island of Amazon Lily. Members of the Kuja Tribe are physically identical to humans with one minor caveat - there are no males. All Kuja are females, and they only ever give birth to females after breeding with males of other tribes. They also tend to show a natural affinity to haki. As such, we recommend you distribute more points to WP for your Kuja characters.

Dwarves (Tontatta Tribe)

Dwarves come from the Tontatta Tribe residing in Green Bit, a botanical paradise off the coast of Dressrosa. These people are small in size, fitting in the palms of the average humans. They tend to have rounder bodies and sharp noses and possess incredible strength which one might not expect from their appearance.

The Tontatta have strong instincts towards botany and make for great gardeners. They are also naturally naive and innocent and tend not to be suspicious of others. We recommend you create your dwarves with higher ATK and RX.


The Lunarians were a tribe of people living atop the Red Line hundreds of years ago. Their species was once revered as gods. They had a strange affinity to fire and were able to generate and control flames without the need for tools or devil fruit abilities. They were also known to have incredible resilience that allowed them to survive in nearly any environment.

An unknown tragedy drove Lunarians to near extinction. After these events, they were highly sought after by scientists attempting to understand the secrets behind their powers. These days, only one of their species is left who is not afraid to be seen in public. He is far too powerful for any scientist to risk going after him.

Players may not create characters of this tribe at this time (including cross-breeds).

Three-Eye Tribe

Three-Eye Tribe members are rare and scattered around the world due to not having a singular nation to call home. They are often persecuted for the unsightly third eye on the centre of their forehead. While identical to humans in all other aspects, the members of the Three-Eye Tribe have a natural affinity towards being able to hear the Voice of All Things. As such, if your Three-Eyed character unlocks the Bookworm perk, we encourage you to attribute their ability to read Poneglyphs to them being able to hear the Voice of All Things.

Players may not create characters of this tribe at this time (including cross-breeds).

Longarm Tribe

The Longarm Tribe are people who have two joints in their arms, therefore giving them significantly greater reach than humans. In all other aspects, they are identical to humans. The Longarm Tribe has been locked in a conflict with the Longleg Tribe for over a millennium, but its reasons are long lost.

Longleg Tribe

The Longleg Tribe consists of people with inhumanly long legs compared to the rest of their bodies. These people have much longer strides and thus can walk and run much faster than humans. In all other aspects, they are identical to humans. The Longleg Tribe has been locked in a conflict with the Longarm Tribe for over a millennium, but its reasons are long lost.

Snakeneck Tribe

The Snakeneck Tribe are people who have inhumanly long necks compared to humans. These people, while akin to humans, tend to have a serpentine slimness to their body parts. While generally lean, their appearance is otherwise identical to humans.

Torino Tribe

The Torino Tribe originates from the Torino Kingdom. These people are generally shorter than humans but tend to have round and rotund bodies. They appear to be primitive folk but have developed their own unique advancements in technology and are known for their sophisticated medical knowledge.

Longear Tribe

The Longear Tribe are people with long and pointed ears. Ironically, their unique ears do not grant them any boons in hearing. However, they tend to have sharp eyes, making them effective snipers. The people of the Longear Tribe are sometimes referred to as "Elves". Elves are rare and do not have a common island to call home.


Crossbreeds are people who have parents or ancestors belonging to different tribes. This often grants them a physiological combination of their parents or ancestors (with the exception of minks - who look either entirely mink or not at all). Since Revival Dawn does not have fixed mechanical benefits for tribes, you may create your own crossbreed of two or more of the above tribes (within reason) and reflect it mechanically however you choose. Please be sure to conform to the lore caveats of your character's heritage tribes when creating crossbreed characters. Wotans and Longlimbed humans are examples of crossbreeds.


Cyborgs are simply characters of any of the above tribes who have had some or most of their body parts replaced by technological alternatives. This technology should befit One Piece's established art and design style before Egghead Island. Steampunk-like cyborgs are encouraged. Nanobots and other such technologies will most likely not be approved.


You are not restricted to creating characters of the tribes listed above. You may create minor variations of pre-existing tribes (e.g. Bigfeet tribe) or even create animal characters. It is up to you how you reflect it mechanically as long as they fit into the lore of One Piece and Revival Dawn.

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