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Name : Yumiko
Epithet : Kamaitachi
Age : 26
Height : 5'5'' / 165 cm
Weight : 128 lbs. / 58 kg
Species : Human
Faction : Marine
Crew : The Guardian Knights
Ship : The Grand Steamer
Marine Rank : Commander
Crew Role : First Mate
Devil Fruit : Ita Ita no Mi, Model: Kamaitachi
Haki Level : 3
Hitpoints (HP) : 220
Attack (ATK) : 300
Defense (DEF) : 120
Reflex (RX) : 250
Willpower (WP) : 240
Level : 34
Experience Points : 3438
Income Multiplier : +13%
Berries Berries : 287,896,000
Turf : Minion Island;
Posts : 154
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[Episode] Dark Knights - Page 2 Empty Re: [Episode] Dark Knights

Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:23 am
Approaching footsteps stirred the samurai from her nap mediation. She recognized her fellow marine by the sound of his stride, by the scent of gunpowder and a strange sort of tinge that colored his being. Her eyes flicked open, focusing on him with icy intensity.

Immediately, one particular detail scratched Yumiko’s ears, scraping against her nerves. While she was called by her rank, as was proper, someone far more important was called by nothing more than his first name... It sparked a surge of conflicting feelings. Shock, disbelief, even a twinge of anger. How dare this disrespectful man speak so casually of their superior officer? Such familiarity was reserved only for family and lov...



Meanwhile, inside the samurai’s head, the annual mental gymnastic event was in full swing. The line of thought took a running start... Leapt into a twirling triple flip... And stuck the landing! A beautiful jump to conclusions. Both the cheering audience and the nodding judges agreed, this was the only proper explanation.

Back in reality, for the past couple of seconds, the swordswoman had been staring at the gunslinger like he had spontaneously sprouted a second head. She blinked. Once. Twice. “...Very well.” Finally she snapped out of her daze. “This one shall deliver thy word to the Rear Admiral.” Her expression froze over again with the usual cold composure, hiding the puzzled thoughts swirling beneath.

Yumiko closed her eyes again and tried to gather her focus. Yet questionable thoughts plagued her mind. Images of the Rear Admiral... Were now accompanied by a certain Ensign alongside him. Sudden warmth lit up on her cheeks. She had never thought that the Rear Admiral preferred... That he had a... Gah, no, she had no right to judge nor question. Fading confusion made way for reluctant acceptance...

While the Wano woman was distracted, Anton managed to sneak up on her. His words caught her completely off-guard. Startled, she snapped out of her trance again. Bewilderment painted her pale features. She had completely lost track of time. Had it been seconds? Minutes? Closer to an hour? Well, perhaps it didn’t matter.

Perceptions varied.

The Commander steeled herself, purging the distracting imagery from her mind. With the Rear Admiral himself, the social conduct was obviously different. He called all his subordinates by their names, much like a teacher would his students. Thus his order didn’t sound at all unusual to her ears. “As is thy will, sir.” Without wasting a moment, she sprung up from her seat and dashed down the hallway.

Yumiko’s nose twitched, following the scent of gunpowder outside the palace. Her steps hastened, until she caught up to the patrolling man. “Ensign Filth.” She called out curtly. “The Rear Admiral has requested thy presence in his quarters.” Had it been only him, the questionable thoughts would have been bubbling back to the surface by now...

But it wasn’t just him.

Next, the hunter’s attention swiftly shifted towards a nearby balcony. The scent of hair gel was unmistakable, wafting all the way here. A sudden gust of wind grabbed her clothing and assisted her leap up there. She landed crouching on the railing, calling out sharply. “Petty Officer Ayugai, the Rear Admiral has requested thy presence in his quarters.” After delivering the message, she unceremoniously marched across the room and left through the door.

Returning to the Rear Admiral’s door, the Commander stopped to wait for her fellow Marines. She would not enter before they were both present. If they didn’t obey, well, she was not above going back there and physically dragging them here. Her dedication to completing the order was absolute.

Words: 605
Total: 3401
Ryoichi Ayugai

Name : Ryoichi Ayugai
Epithet : The Bear
Age : 22
Height : 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Weight : 198 lbs (95kg)
Species : Human
Faction : Marines
Crew : The Guardian Knights
Ship : The Grand Steamer
Marine Rank : Petty Officer
Crew Role : Gunner
Devil Fruit : Kuma-Kuma no Mi (Bear-Bear Fruit) Model: Polar Bear
Haki Level : 2
Hitpoints (HP) : 175
Attack (ATK) : 155
Defense (DEF) : 140
Reflex (RX) : 160
Willpower (WP) : 150
Level : 18
Experience Points : 1822
Income Multiplier : +13%
Berries Berries : 13,223,000
Turf : Minion Island;
Posts : 66
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[Episode] Dark Knights - Page 2 Empty Re: [Episode] Dark Knights

Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:49 am
Both elbows on the balcony railing, with his back facing the town, he looked inside the room through the glass doors. To this point, he was still admiring the room he was given to spend time in. "Waaaaaait a minute... Look at the size of that mirror." he couldn't help but blink. How could he miss that? In the closet door, just in front of him through the glass doors, there was a big mirror, about a head taller than he was and about as wide as he himself was.

Slowly but surely, a wide grin appeared on his face. This was truly an opportunity... An opportunity... To go and admire himself a bit! While usually a shameful thing to do to himself, he knew he was all alone in the room. Why not use this moment to admire what he is proud of the most right now? He himself.

He opened the glass doors that lead back inside, starting to take steps there. With one hand, he was unbuttoning his marine-issued white sleeveless shirt. The mirror was awaiting him! His admiration "session" came to a hard stop when he heard something land on the railing of his balcony, which leads him to immediately turn himself around. Truly a surprise to be sure... But a welcome one... He saw Yumiko over there. Did she come to admire him? Wait... What if she is a psychic and was able to read his mind?! Nevertheless, there we was now, standing in a slight shock, with his shirt unbuttoned from the front.

"Commander Yumiko. What brings you here?" he asked from her with a questioning tone. That question was given an answer quite quickly. No disappointment could be heard from him, but deep inside, he was slightly disappointed. It was nothing but an invite back to a duty already.

There was no time to be wasted... He performed a salution towards Yumiko right before she marched past him through the room, only to then follow her, with one hand buttoning the shirt back up. Cannot go to his higher up half naked! He was quite looking forward to what the rear admiral had to talk about... Probably he was to hand out the new orders... Only time will tell.

Words: 376
Total: 3175
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