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[Social] New Blood In Flevance Empty [Social] New Blood In Flevance

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:02 am
After Magnus’ long voyage to Flevance, He had decided to do a bit of shopping in port once he finally exited that wretched boat. He had absolutely hated his time on that ship, because he wasn’t going on an adventure or even doing anything exciting. He was virtually escaping a person who controlled him from the majority of his childhood years. He wanted to start anew on a more exotic or at least more adventurous island, which is why he chose Flevance. He wanted a chance to pick up some books on the rich history of the island.

Magnus exited the ship with his normal attire on, which consisted of jeans, running shoes, a white t-shirt, and his red cape/cloak and red three eyed mask. He looking back and forth towards the shops that lined the harbor. Magnus began making his way through each to check out what exactly he could purchase, trade, or find of value here. The first shop that caught his eye was a jeweler that spoke about repairing jewelry and accessories for anyone who can pay, a blacksmith who was selling longswords and armor at his booth, and a mapmaker that spoke about having maps for every island within North Blue. Each and every vendor was doing their best to sell Magnus on some of their items, but he unfortunately hadn’t seen anything that caught his eye. Eventually, the masked adventurer decided that he would need a little drink and some food at the nearby tavern before heading off outside of town to make a camp and sleep under the stars for the night.

The tavern wasn’t far away from the harbor vendors themselves. Magnus followed the crowd of people yelling and chatting loudly about the best place in town for some food, drink, and entertainment that couldn't be found anywhere else in the port of Flevance. Following that crowd lead him to a tavern called Raven’s Nest, the sign to the tavern looked pretty normal. All the letters were still on it and the tavern itself looked rather presentable for the activity and types of people that always seemed to venture into these places for information, a relaxing time with their crews, or to find themselves a pretty woman to take home that night. Unfortunately Magnus was there to fill his belly with drink and food before heading out into the wilderness to truly find some peace and quiet.
Castor O. Nox
Castor O. Nox
[Social] New Blood In Flevance G7UGK6I
Name : Castor O. Nox
Epithet : Sanpaku | The Azure Pheasant | Duke Of Lvneel | Saint Nox
Age : 25
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 175lbs
Species : Three-Eye Tribesman
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Blockbuster
Alliance : -
Crew : Nox Pirates
Ship : The Wailing Calamity
Crew Role : Captain | Navigator | Book Collector | Pride Sin
Devil Fruit : Goro Goro no Mi
Bounty : [ber=r] 620,000,000
Quality Score : S
EXP Bonus : +0.20 (To all allies)
Income Bonus : +0.42 (Turf); +0.10 (Blockbuster); +0.20 (To all allies)
Shop Discount : -20%
Crew Pool : [bel=u] 96,000,000
Balance : [bel] 2,470,815,020

Turf : [turf="/t296-turf-details-lvneel#1110"]Lvneel[/turf] [turf="/t309-turf-details-st-poplar#1124"]St. Poplar[/turf]
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[Social] New Blood In Flevance Empty Re: [Social] New Blood In Flevance

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Feb 04, 2021 1:40 pm


A Bird's Nest

“And you know what little merchant! She cheated on me! Me! Of all people! I gave her whatever she wanted ya know!”
The drunk’s screams filled the bar, and honestly, it made some of the patrons uncomfortable. Castor on the other hand found the man’s tales amusing, he’d never been in love before, what does that even feel like? A state of being invested in self-sacrifice and the unknown, sounds like a gamble he wouldn’t like to participate in. Dressing in his green and grey jumpsuit, green the primary color and the grey strips running vertically like strips along the fabric’s side, Castor undercover of course, sipping on his Sake readily inside the bustling bar.

The name of the game as always was information. The Pirate had spent most of his time on Lvneel invested in the conquest, and only arrived on Flevance weeks after. What was the state of the world, the best man to find that out from would be from the drunkest ones in the room. No accountability of time and space, and loosely invested with a passionate relationship with truth.

“May I ask, sorry to cut your story, but this girl who cheated on you, she wouldn’t be involved with a Noble Family? I heard they are all in an uproar with the disappearance of the King?” Castor inquired.

“Ha! That wench wish she could’ve touched someone greater than I! The marines are swarming all over this island trying to find out exactly where the King has gone! No dice!” the man belted out, committing to his drunken role. “It doesn’t matter anyway! If she had a noble, it’d make sure to go to jail before they ever become happy.” the drunk continued.

Adjusting his spectacles, Castor continued to listen to the man’s sob story.  

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