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[Lore] The Legend of Revival Dawn Empty [Lore] The Legend of Revival Dawn

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:06 pm

The Legend of Revival Dawn

It is said that there is a treasure so grand, so glorious, so magnificent that when someone finds it, the entire world will be shaken to its core. This discovery will mark the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The name of this treasure is... ONE PIECE.

Twenty-five years ago, a pirate did indeed shake the world by finding this very treasure. His name was Hoare D. Marsh.


Three hundred years ago, there was said to have been a Great Pirate Era. The first King of the Pirates—whose name is now buried and lost—discovered a great treasure. Two decades later, a second Pirate King was named after finding the same treasure. A battle meant to change the world took place. But, the King of the Pirates failed just when victory was within his reach. His legacy and the changes he brought to the world were swiftly buried by the confederacy of over one hundred and seventy nations: The World Government.

This era came to be known as The Blank Era, the history of which is quarantined from the world's populace.

Many searched for this history from which only one name survived. The name of the greatest treasure in the world: One Piece.


Hoare D. Marsh, "King of the Pirates"Ana D. Mire, "She-Devil of the Sea"

Hoare D. Marsh and Ana D. Mire came from a small town in the South Blue, from where they set off on one of the grandest adventures ever known to the world. Gathering for themselves many powerful crewmates, they entered the Grand Line and earned incomparable notoriety. As captain of the Soaring Pirates, Marsh's fame continued to surge when people began to know him as "Hoard Marsh".

Twenty-five years ago, the Soaring Pirates found the legendary treasure of One Piece. There was a massive battle near the end of the New World. Marsh and the Soaring Pirates battled the Navy and the World Government to protect the location of One Piece. In the end, the Soaring Pirates lost, and Marsh was captured. Many of his crewmates had managed to escape, and some even later became renowned pirates themselves.

Upon his capture, he was promptly executed at the Marine Headquarters, Marineford, in Paradise. His execution was broadcast far and wide. Moments before his head was removed, he spoke to the world with a devilish smile. "They take my life because they fear what I could have done after finding it. Change the world! Find that treasure, find One Piece!"

Adventurers worldwide were thrilled by these words and quickly set sail to the Grand Line to find One Piece.


Gray "the Conqueror"

Twenty years after the Pirate King's dying declaration, the seas were slowly simmering. Many pirates who had once sailed hoping to find One Piece were now giving up to despair and hopelessness.

Then, to drive a final nail in the coffin, the Navy found and imprisoned Marsh's partner and former first mate, Ana D. Mire, who had hidden away from the world.

Hearing this news, one of the original Soaring Pirates crew members, who had now gone on to become a Yonkou—one of the four pirate emperors ruling over the New World—went on a rampage. The name of this pirate was "Black Fist" Gray. Along with his crew, the Black Fist Pirates,  he destroyed many World Government facilities along the Grand Line in search of Mire. He was titled "The Conqueror" due to his actions and became known as the most troublesome Yonkou of his time.

The Navy planned to end his war by calling him out to a decisive battle. They scheduled the execution of Mire at the same place where her husband had met his fate.

The bait succeeded. The Conqueror and the Black Fist Pirates attacked Marineford in full force. An apocalyptic battle ensued, which was broadcast to a few neighbouring islands in hopes of deterring piracy in the future. The Black Fist Pirates inflicted great losses upon the elite of the Navy, but the Marines gained the upper hand against their greatly outnumbered foes. Mire’s joyful tears from the moment those executioner’s blades pierced her heart would haunt the dreams of even the most stone-hearted. The Conqueror's indignation wrought upon the Marines a debilitating loss. With a single attack, he destroyed the Pillar of Justice - the monumental headquarters of the Navy.

The admirals, led by Fleet Admiral Ginsai, attacked The Conqueror in unison to end him in his near-death state. Before he fell into the sea from their final strike, he spoke bold words to the world, just like Marsh had.

"One Piece is real! When the King of the Pirates fought the world, they told you he lost. They lied! He beat them all... but surrendered to defend the legacy of One Piece. They called him Hoard Marsh. They lied! My captain's name was Hoare D. Marsh. He promised a new era is coming... a dawn where old values of freedom will prevail as they once did long ago—a Revival Dawn. The Will of D will never die! It will lead its next successors to define the future at the end of the world... At Laugh Tale!"


The final words of The Conqueror awakened the curiosity of adventurers old and young. The Great Pirate Era was once again revived, now more profoundly than ever.

The year is now 1829. It has been over four years since The Conqueror's War, and adventurers from all over the world are setting sail into the Revival Dawn while the World Government has its hands full with another revived enemy, the New Revolutionary Army.

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