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[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty [Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Mar 25, 2023 8:11 pm
Rion Nemos wrote: Name: Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom
Category: Episode
Player Participants: Rion Nemos(-4),Aeris Hagiera(-4), Jōshō-Ryuko(-4)
Planned Location(s):  The Goa kingdom
Planned Time Range: March 16th 1829

Summary: After surviving three days of being hunted by the town guard, under order of a noble family, whose devil fruit he stole. Only comes closer to the edge of death, as he is assulted by a bear forcing him to consume the Riki Riki No Mi to survive. Rion, now healed and strengthened descends upon Goa city, searching  for the Swineharts. To free his mink friend. But will his acts lead too a fated meeting? or Ill fate?.

a group of four casualy walk down the busy and crowded streets of edge town, having made there way from recent recruitment, Pierre Dey Swinehart, a world noble family member only second to the Outlooks. was hireing all manner of rouges and mercenary, for the capture of a local 'Hermit', who would apparantly to the leader of this group, not only be stupid enough to steal from a world noble. but defend minks. the leader spit,  as he brough his group to a hault as he stared at the wanted poster he thought would be a 'exclusive job' the image of Rion was posted almost everywhere, right down to the last detail. he appeared as a hazelnut skinned man, that stood at 5'10, with a muscular build. always seen wearing a black bolo hat, and a haori with " powerful" sew into the back. the leader scoffed " boys what are the chances the idiot actualy came back to town?" " if he were smart he'd have defineintly left the island by-" the leader stops in his tracks as he peers down the street, then back to the poster in disbeilf. the idiot rion had walking right back into town,  right in front of them, and with ethe bandages coverd his chest and arms he looked like he was still recovering this would be there big break.

" holy shit..There he is boys!" the leader shouts" "we gotta get em before somone else doe-". Crunch! The leaders's speech is cut as the sudden crescendo of Rion's bare fist against the bones of his face, causing him to go silent, crumpling backward into a heep on the floor as he tried to charge in. " w-what the hell? i aint sign up to fight no fruit user!" another man from the group of three exclaims." another chimes in" the hell are you talkin bout? he's just some mountain trash that stole from his betters!" pushing his partner to the side he moves toward Rion with speed, rasing his club to attack him. Rion stood motionless gazing at the now crumpled man he'd struck down to the ground, then to his fist, giving no reagrd to the approaching club weilders insults,nor the fact that he had now struck him against his head, breaking his weapon in two. "too much strength? they need to be awake if im going to find him" Rion thought to himself, eyes shfiting to the goon that had struck him and was now stareing down at his own, now broken weapon in terror and confusion.

"that hurt jackass.." RIon says, peering up at the man with his storm grey eyes, his right hand now gripping firmly against the mans face wrenching his head backward and cracking the pavement below. "damnit, you made me do it again!" " rion shouts " one of you better stay concious, so you can tell me where that fat bastard is!"he points a bandaged finger at the two men remaining."F-fuck this" says one of the remaing men throwing his club away and turntail and and Running full sprint down the street. before the other man has time to do the same Rion charges twoard him" nope. youre the last one."Rion says, kicking in the mans left knee and breaking it. " Agghhh" the man wails. " Pierre dey Swinehart, thats the noble you want." as the man speaks RIon pulls off his black hat and runs a hand through his raven black locs, moving the few odd strands that block his view from him."and not one of you group of assholes coulda told me that sooner?!" Rion says in anger. pushing the hat back onto his head and staring into the eyes of the now injured thug he was currently holding in mid-air by the throat." ive been out here for four hours, and i wont let him take my sensei's daughter, now tell me where the pork bastard is now!" RIon growls. the man, in far too much pain and terrfied rellents " F-fine, just-t put me down, im not trying to die for no noble. youve been searching in the wrong place fool!" the man says catching his breath underneath rions firm grip. " noble like him would be in high town not edge town" he'd gasp the last words, then suddently feel rion's grip on his neck loosen. " then your gonna show me." Rion says, still holding the man by his throat , as he begins to  slowly dragging him along towards the gates of high town.


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[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty [Episode]Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Mar 26, 2023 1:27 pm
After Ryuko was washed up by the waves and waking up, he shotrly found a town to live in. It was different like his home, but he quickly got used to it. He lived in the shadows, he didn't wanted to make big trouble so he was just helping people's who lived there and hoped he get some reward for it.

The time he spent there wasn't for nothing, Ryuko improved his skills, strength and created his own fighting style named Wild Fox Style, and he got some berries for his help but it was just a little amount and Ryuko needed more.

One time when Ryuko was in the bar a guy came up to him and said.
"Are you Fox Ryuko?" After Ryuko helped the people some saw his fighting style and they started to call him Fox Ryuko. "I was looking for you for some time now." After a little thinking Ryuko anwsered "Yes, I am Ryuko"
Then the man said "We know you want leave this island, so what you say if we give you a reward if you can kill someone we want?" then he showed the wanted poster of Rion. "What would be the reward?" said by Ryuko. Then the man pointed towards the sea. There was a fine boat. "that and some berries if you succes."
After Ryuko think for some time he agreed for that.

After that Ryuko was transported to the nobles, preparing for the job he cleaned his katana's and prayed after his lost ones. On the way Ryuko saw some stuff he wasn't ready for, that was the moment when he realized how cruel nobles really are, and that he is lucky he didn't grew up in a place like this. After what he saw he would quit, but the job was already accepted and he wanted the reward for it. The reward, that was the only thing that kept him there.

After some time he got an order to go guard some slave, the idea of keeping slaves already sounded bad for him, especially when he saw the slave he needed to guard. An innocent mink girl was forced to make fun like a clown.

After sitting down in a corner he prepared for the inevitable fate that will soon come.


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[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty Re: [Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

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Aeris Hagiera! You’re late!” Captain Charlie roared with his particularly masculine voice that rumbled across the grass field along with his pot belly“Apologies sir, it won’t happen again..” Aeris said, the life in her voice dry as she was in fact not late but several minutes early. Captain Charlie had left his window open allowing her to see him partaking in drink in the middle of duties, a drunk that could not tell time or keep a schedule unless it was something above him, that what the type of loathful man Captain Charlie was. “Don’t think you can bat those freaky fish eyes of yours and get it off easy! Since you can’t tell time, maybe you can count! Line up man, wooden weapons in hand!” Aeris visible eye moved smoothly across the field to the group of five men that were coming in front of her with various weapons such as an ax, a sword, a dagger, a club, and even a chain.

Did ya count them all girlie? Since you’re late, how about you show us what a low ranked official looks like with proper training, “Ensign” Aeris.” The Captain spoke, voice silencing into a small snicker as he tossed her a wooden spear that was at least in good condition that she caught one handed looking at it than the group of men. The sun was shining brightly as it was early morning, the light casting a shadow over their faces clouding any memory forming off facial appearance but the smugness that excluded from their grins told her all she needed to know, she was being picked on and they were trying to beat her in a way they had a valid reason for.

Yes Captain Charlie, I will perform a personal demonstration.” She answered coldly and dryly as her last statement as she stood ready, sliding her hands left and right of the wooden spear creating a center gap as her grip changed slightly and her eyes narrowed, she couldn’t beat them too badly because she would be reported but..
Unknown to Aeris her thoughts reflected in her eyes, her normal calmer eyes replaced with a stern calmness but underneath the surface a certain aura drifted off of her form that caused the men to step back in hesitation. “What are ya idiot doing? Ya can start attacking now, for training that is ya!

AN awkward silence befell the group as Aeris stayed in place not moving a muscle and the various man had different reactions as some sweated, took several gulps, changed the grip of their weapons but after another few seconds the one with the chain finally moved first swinging the chain around her spear and attempting to pull it in. Perhaps to the groups surprise Aeris allowed this as she volutinary let go, spinning on her heel and kicking the exact center of her spear towards the chain user smacking him across the face with the shaft of the spear, as if a chain reaction the two closest reacted as well, grabbing onto each end, using the thin time frame Aeris rushed the one on the end forming her right fist into a palm strike that she launched at full speed at the center of his stomach, from her position running up her fist right underneath the chin flowing into a knuckle strike to the chin forcing the 2nd marine to look up in a partial daze.

Taking the grip of the spear in a reverse grip fashion she used her hips and hands to spin the pseudo edge of her spear mid-air as she then backed up several feet, the third man who avoided the edge previously backed up just as Aeris felt a looming shadow over her from behind. Sliding the spear down her hand Aeris flicked the other end up quick in time with the mans swing allowing her to block his club without seeing them as she spun out the way, three of the five man still left.

ENOUGH!” Captain Charlie yelled, but beside him was someone important, judging by the man's sudden sweating it was someone far too important to ignore. “Ensign Aeris, come here now! That’s an order!” Placing the spear down Aeris moved towards Captain Charlie and the mysterious figure, the figure observing- no analyzing her on the spot , “Put on your uniform and gear than go with this man, you are hereby ordered to assist a high noble in their endeavors to catch a criminal, he will inform you on the way.

And so here she was a few hours later at the edge of town, currently sitting on one of the four rogues hired by the noble to find the criminal except things clearly didn’t go as planned and now this fool was trying to make a run for it. “It would have been better if you got beat up like the others, how about ya tell me who did this to ya and what you’d told them?” Aeris said using the tip of her actual spear to poke the face of the mercenary of sorts drawing a slither of blood with the slightest hand adjustment as she sat on them. “HEY HEY! I didn’t say anything, you got that!? Look one of us got caught and he is the real squealer, probably leading them to the noble right now, you got bigger problems!

He was scum but he was right scum, a slap on a face and Aeris got up using the den den mushi she was given to report in, “It looks like the criminal is on the move to high town if my source is right, How do I proceed? She heard static before the Den Den mushi in the likeness of the world noble came to life with flair, “COME PROTECT ME YOU DUMB FISH!” Then it disconnected.

By the time she had made it to the nobles house she had walked into a low lit room with a burning active fireplace, the world noble sitting in a throne next to the open flames but that was not what drew her, but the visage of a shadowy figure, cowering in partial darkness, the flames that licked their skin showing signs of bloody marks over the body, had not the smell of blood hit her nose through the air itself causing her eyes to narrow.. “What is this..” Aeris couldn’t help but find herself saying as she caught a glimpse of a bloody whip in the noble's hand.[/color]

[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty Re: [Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

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*Smack*  the sharp sound of Rion’s palm echoed as he slapped the face of the now beet red goon he was still holding by the throat.“ What the Fuck do you mean punishment?”Rion’s  question was pointed at the goon. During the walk, the hired help had informed Rion that, due to How Nene made him look in front of the eyes of the people. she’d be made an “example” of, so that the common folk would know their place among the hire born. ”All she did was pull a fucking chain and make that lard ass fall over!” Rion’s grip grew tighter as he sprinted in the way the man had last directed. causing his captive to bounce and shake against the stones as he trailed behind being drug behind. He had ‘not much time left’ as he hurriedly cut a corner into the Manor district.

“So did the fool Charlie not explain anything to his dog?” Asked Pierre Dey Swinehart, a stout man of 40. “Swhehehe” a almost pig lick chordal oozed from the nobleman’s lips, as he simply gazed at the whip he turned jovially in his hands then back to the young Fishwoman.”this is simply…retribution for the theft of my property my dear.” His gaze would shift to the figure hunched over and shaking in the darkness,Then back to Aeris. “If I must explain to you girl, then open your ears.. or gills…? For  I shan’t repeat myself.” he sighs then begins to explain.”this filth’s “accomplice” stole a devil fruit from me. I planned to use it as a gift for our Rulers the Outlooks.” He turns to lock eyes with the shadowed figure, only now with an eerie expression of glee.“Oh, how lucky I was to find both Her and her father, we were doing the governmets justice sweeping the island of these Minks, i had the old monkey killed for interfering in the arrest of the this one." he points a edged finger at the hunched figure."Then that boy interfered asking us why we killed the self righteous ape.., he was beaten for such insolence, but she interfered in my plans, and made me lose something i can never reclaim, so im ordering him dead....and now I’ve decided to take my propoerties value out of her, until I’ve reclaimed what’s mine!, Or sell her off, till one of you Hounds catch the blasted rat!” The man rises from his throne, with each step he takes from it, his rotund belly jiggles in response.

Swinehart makes his way closer to the shivering figure and drags her into the light, throwing her at Aeris’s feet, then whipping his hand on his shirt in disgust. What the marine would see was Nene, A young monkey mink of only fifteen years,shorter than her at five feet, and her skin now completely pink and bare. save for the short blonde locs of hair on her head. Tear marks and stains of dried blood were lined under Nene’s dark blue eyes as she gazed up at Aeris “please…help” said Nene, voice sounding tired and drained, a small withered hand from starvation reaching out toward her. Swinehart over hearing would lash Nene once more against her back with his whip.”Silence, monkey!”. Yelled Swinehart. Grabbing the girl by tufts of her hair again and growling into her ear.“you deserve far worse for laying your hands upon your betters..the Gaul of you..”  in one smooth motion he throws her against the cobblestone of the chamber and begins to lash at her,whipping her her bare furless skin.” Filthy creature.. making me fall?… drop my gift?… run my plans?!..embarrass me?!!”. He  begins to lose breath as he stops his whipping, the outward exertion of his anger taking the wind out of him. He made his way back to his throne, Eyes now fixated back on the marine as he dabbed sweat from his brow.”Why are you still here!?Haven't I explained myself enough? Go out there and Find h-”, Swinehart was cut short as the doors of the main hall came bursting open, sending splinters of wood scattering across the floor. a battered and bruised man, he recognized as his ’help’ was now laying sprawled across the floor with wooden bits of door peircing in his face.

“ So this is it huh?” Rion said, gazing up at the manor That stood before him. Being from the mountains Rion didn’t much care for the almost gothic and large look the place had. In front of him were large wooden doors. The image of the family’s sigil, a flying pig with an apple in its mouth almost loomed over Rion’s frame. ‘Fitting for a pig’ he thought to himself. when the injured man in his grasp chirped up and threw swollen lips.“I’ve shown ya the place now let me go damnit!” He pleaded. Rion would shrug, a dark smile now scrolled against his lips aimed at the man he still held ” No.Chik-hahaha” Rion laughed,”That would be impolite, and sensei says.. always knock before entering a home.” Rion says, a jovial yet sinister tone was cut a edge in his voice. “n-no wait…w-What are you doin-?!!” The man was pleading as he was hoisted up into the air, the sudden jerk of being lifted by his neck, had made him bite his tongue as he spoke.“ you’re going to help me Knock, let’s make a good first impression!” Rion states, arms now making to hoist the grunt above his head and into the air above him , then with all his might uses him as a battering ram. smashing him through the now open and broken doors of the manor.

The broken body of the hired goon would now add to the small group of people cloistered in the throne room, large bits of wood had implied the goons face killing him and leaving a pool of blood  seeping into the floor. Rion walks through the now open threshold and gazes fixated on the fat man that was now stupefied at this display. “T-that's him dammit, grab him now!” he’d point a fat finger toward Rion, hiding terror in his voice as he issued the almost pleading command to the marine.

Wc: 1,033/1,778/5000

[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty Re: [Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

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Being pulled away from the fight she herself did not instigate left a hollow feeling in her where a previous feeling was, she wondered what it was but such a thought was fleeting as she decided to instead focus on whatever new task she was being given.
Surprisingly the effort he took to explain what was happening was far more adequate than usual as he took care to explain she was to help apprehend a criminal very clearly and that it was a world noble making the request personally. He did not do so for her success rather so he could not get blamed for insufficient details, if she failed it would be entirely on her which is why she was handed this task instead of anyone else.

Aware of her task Aeris was able to track down the scent of the four rogues the world noble hired, particles of there clothing given to her in which she used to find one of them that looked like he had been running, pressuring him she got more intel atleast to know the very man she was suppose to help capture was coming straight for the World noble anyway so all she had to do was go back, of course she left the choice up to the world noble in which he called her out for her incompetent.

In her mind as she made her return to the mansion she had repeated a mantra she had for most missions, “Apprehend the criminals or kill them, return to the noble or commanding officer, and complete the mission, move on to the next” It was a mantra she repeated so many times, so many she forgot, she could not even remember when, perhaps when she started the marines? It had been so long but it was something she always remembered as she pressed on. So walking through the doors and to where the noble was sitting, the creak of the large wooden doors opening brought about a unique smell of blood, not quite human but held some amount of animal like smells, regardless she was used to the smell of blood but the sight before her was not something she could ever grow accustomed too as she oversaw a shadowy figure cowering in the dark, the crackle of the fire nearby illuminating the bloody wilts of flesh as it did the bloody whip in the hand of the world noble, Aeris paused for a moment as she watched as if time had slowed, a drop of blood oozing from the whip hitting the ground the same women was cowering on.

Perhaps an emotional response Aeris found herself asking what she was seeing as her senses returned to her, she did not do so often but in the moment she put on her marine uniform hat along with her outfit, the hat shading her face as the feeling from earlier returned as the world noble began to explain exactly what he was doing. “Retribution..” Aeris whispered softly underneath her breath, her pupils shrinking highlighting the whites in her eyes, her pupils shifting between big and small as she attempted to still her hands, her fist tightening in the dark. She had not hurt anyone to great extent, nor had she actually stolen anything herself but instead her fathers life was taken and she was punished for a meager crime most would get off for.

The air had already been crisp and thin, atleast to Aeris as she felt her breath become shallow as if the air had left the room, but it wasn’t until she heard a small voice call out to her did she feel a full on attack. Almost like a black out Aeris felt her mind return to the past, fresh from fighting her now deceased siblings in which she killed for survival inside her mothers womb she recalled her asking for help as slavers took her away, another memory of her older, she had just proved herself a worthy bodyguard but her sibling, the only other one that made it was whipped and dragged away, Aeris hadn’t thought much of it then but sure enough she could hear her..her baby sister call for help and she didn’t respond.

It was at this moment Aeris body visibly relaxed for a moment as underneath her breath she uttered a single word, “Oh.." and with that the wooden doors burst open, large and small wooden chips passing by Aeris form but missing her as her hat still hide her facial expressions, her shaking hand now completely still and her pupils shrunken down, a black ring around her main pupil. Yes this feeling, she had forgotten this feeling, it had always been there like a partner to her, a friend that hung to your shadow but never left, yes, this feeling was..rage, a feeling she always held back, but she could tolerate it no more..

It was only at this point did Aeris turn her head towards the supposed criminal, her face on display to him alone and all the rage inside her however she did not move against him which prompted the Noble to urge her to capture him now, the panic in his voice high immediately proving to her that he was a grown man with power trapped in a infant child that was never told no in its life inflicting pain, suffering and misery to all on a whim, that’s what the world nobles were, and that’s what the world government and the all so proud marines were, dogs, servants to be commanded by these nobles as they please.

H-Help! The noble cried out with his marine dog frozen, running to a wall as it slide up to reveal a red button in which he smashed, besides the main entrance itself all sorts of doors opened up all over the large gothic looking room, out from those new openings came a flood or rogues, other marines and even pirates , a total of almost eleven men not including Aeris herself that had still not taken a step.

It would be at this distinct moment Aeris turned her back from the criminal that appeared and walked towards the mink girl that the world noble had finally left alone, “ Don’t touch my pro” Before he could finish that sentence Aeris looked at him from across the room and despite not a word the world noble saw a flash of a large tiger baring it’s fangs at him, illusion or not he choked on his words as quick as he did the chortle of laughter from earlier as Aeris continued her walk.
Reaching her Aeris took off her coat of justice and hat, placing it on the girl's body to hide her wilts and crying face from the rest of the men, “This is my justice..” Aeris said, staring at the words she had dedicated her life to as she rose straight up.

And with one fluid motion Aeris grabbed the end of her spear Shio no kyou(Tide Menace) and swung it in a wide arch around her, “Oi What ar-GHAHHAH!!!” Just as suddenly as her swing the very moisture in the air was pushed apart by her spear swing launching it in a large wave that passed through the mink girl and the criminal themselves harmlessly  recognizing the girl as his ally. The moisture going through the body of the reinforcements like mini bullets rippling through them. To her great displeasure she did leave the noble untouched as well and she didn't buy a lot of time, “If you stay here, you won’t be able to save her, more will come soon!” Aeris said, rushing her words due to the seriousness of their actions and her own.

Total WC: 2,431/5000

[Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom Empty Re: [Episode] Allies or Ill omen?: Price of Law & Freedom

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As Rion entered the room things shifted to a quiet stillness for him, his eyes were locked. dead set on the noble as he cowered in his chair, Rion’s eyes shifted from the fat noble to the white clad marine that  stood in his path, and at her feet he saw her, bruised and bloodied, but still alive. “Nene..” a sigh of relief passed his lips as his shoulders relaxed, until he took it all in. How fragile she looked and how near broken she was, anger swelled within him once more, as he began sprinting towards swinehart.

Before making it to him however, the fat man had been feverishly pressing his thumb against a button as the walls in the room split open pouring out men. Pirate, marine, mercenary I didn’t matter the type, they were all here hired as backup for a plotting man. Rion gazed around at the people around him, by his limited count he was surrounded on all sides by 12 men looking to take his head for a prize. “ Fine, I’ll break you all!,then the piggies next” Rion says with an expression of mixed anger and joy etched against his face. Eyes now gazing at Nene, who was still at the marines feet , they widened in shock as he  saw her place her coat and hat upon Nene.’When the hell did marines start helping people?’ He thought, as then she took hold of her spear, and began circling it around her body, the spear appearing like a leaf in a stream the way it flowed so gracefully,  she’d continue waving it around her body until almost miraculously to his eyes the water began to form at the spear point.

Almost on reflex Rion raised his arms, expecting to feel the full brunt of the wave of water hit him. Only for it to pass over his skin, washing over him gently as if avoiding him, the attack left him unharmed and with a confused expression sitting on his face. Now as he lowered his guard, ears still reverberating from the loud groans and sounds of men falling to the wayside from the wave of water that sounded like a small orchestra of gunfire as it hit them in the aftermath, he’d gaze at the eleven of them now all sprawled unconscious on the floor.’ Well shit’ he thought to himself until Her words began to echo in his mind. Until snapping into clarity he hears her “ you can’t stay here!” said the marine. ” more will come, you have to go if you want to save her”.  

Turning his gaze to the marine he narrows his eyes and speaks. “ Not yet..” Rion says, anger still laced his voice, as he turned his attention to the nobleman, his right hand clenching so hard his knuckles could be heard cracking from the pressure, slowly Rion walked, and with each step the ground cracked beneath his bare feet leaving his footprints behind in his wake, he was in front of Swinehart now, the man was pressed against the wall so hard he almost looked thinner. The muscles in Rion's arm begin to bulge as he gathers more strength into, focusing it into his knuckles. This nobleman no longer saw the boy dressed in black as trash, he was a lion ready to eat him alive.
“ don’t please, I-I have berries!”swinehart was pleading, he didn’t think someone would actually assault his mansion, let alone be betrayed by the marine he hired.” I’ll resend the bounty.. no? The monkey sla-"*Smash* Rion with all his strength had rammed his fist into Swineharts jaw cutting off his last words, a permanent imprint of Rion’s Fist would now be etched into his cheek as he was sent backwards, forced through the wall he was pressed against. causing a pile of rubble to fall on his now twitching frame.” Now we can leave.”  Rion said, turning his back to the Noble he Hoped  now understood what it was liked to be scared forever.

cough… cough' dust had built up from the collapsing wall being forced in from the large man, “damnit, I think that one was too weak. The bastard deserves worse.” Rion said, fanning the dust that kicked up away with his hat as he approached Nene and the marine, after limply kicking the loose stones of rubble, where the Noble fatty now twitched in unconsciousness.
He’d then smoothly, place his hat back onto his dread locked head, and take the monkey mink girl up into his arms, one hand under her knees the other at the small of her back, head resting gently on his bandaged chest. Smiling he’d say” sorry for the wait…there isn’t anything here for us anymore.. we’re leaving.” Nene could only respond with a nod as her eyes filled with tears, burying her face into Rion’s chest.

Rion would turn to the marine and simply ask her ” you going to stay here?… or are you coming with?” He didn’t know her name, hell he didn’t even know if he could trust her. But during the ambush she let the attack pass right through him. Even Nene was unharmed, without a scratch.  She Even stood by while he smashed the ugly noble's face in. He wanted to know why. Rion didn’t know much at all about the Marines or Government. But he knew most wouldn’t be caught dead with an outlaw like him let alone help him escape, and if they were ever found out for helping a pirate, she’d get a fate force than the mink he currently held.

He would only turn back to her as he reached the door, his eyes focused into hers. A pleasnt calmed softness to them, Visible bags of ware and tiredness almost slowly creeping under his eyes, “Hurry up…” he’d say as he began running full sprint  in the direction of Mt Cloubo.

He didn’t look back as he ran with Nene, a few hours went by until he arrived with her at the Dojo, Sensei had it at the base of the mountain inside a cave, inside were hollowed out and smoothed caverns and passages, 3 rooms lined the left side. In the center of the cave a  fire pit sat, odd forest medicine’s and cookware lined a table nearby, scattered about. Further against the back walls were training dummies of different sized animals from rabbits to even a large sized bear. Rion, feeling comfortable in the space, walked right into the cave and placed Nene down next to the fire, then hurriedly walked into the middle passage, bringing from it,  a crudely made blanket and pillow. He placed the pillow under her head and the blanket over her body after throwing the marine uniform to the wayside.

A sigh of relief would wash over him as he played with the sleeping girl's hair. He looked exhausted as he sat still, bags now fully formed underneath his eyes as he stared blankly at the entrance. His stomach growled with an unpleasant roar. “How long has it been since he ate? " he thought , at the same time he rubbed his tired eyes and leaned back on the cave floor staring up at the ceiling, sleep he knew he was lost on him for three days, fighting off hired goons at every turn he let rage and anger cloud his mind, shaking himself from his thoughts,  he simply says to the open air ” Can you cook or navigate?” Rion said tiredly “ I have a Raft…won’t hold long…but might be fine for an extra”.


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The feeling of rage she had felt at the hands of the mink girl, hearing her father had even been killed on top of her own punishment for something as simple as knocking him down and causing him to get stolen from, the punishment did not fit the crime however because it was a world noble nobody would say anything against it? The world government, the marines worked for these nobles and although she had been ignoring it the word “dog” he had kept repeating when referring to her came back to the surface of her mind now as the rage subsided only a small fraction but she held her wits about her realizing killing a World noble would bring about much worst consequences, hell she was now going to be a wanted criminal.

In any case she now accepted that fate, her obedience was always shallow and she always planned to gain her freedom, guess that day was today. But for now she was still in the middle of it and if she wanted to not go to the gallows it would be in her best interest to get off the island now. Attacking the men the noble recruited Aeris spun her spears around in one hand putting the rounded end on the ground causing it to create an echo as it hit the floor telling the wanted criminal she just helped that it was time to run if he wanted to save them both.

She was about to walk out expecting now that he had saved the mink women he was coming for that he would make haste to leave as well, but she was wrong. “Wha? Now? To a World Noble?”  Aeris replied sensing the anger in his voice knowing very well what he intended to do, she had the thought to but to act on it took a special type of balls that she hadn’t really seen. Sure enough she felt compelled to watch this criminal walk up to the world noble, the noble in question begging which elicited a small smirk from Aeris to see someone so smug fall so far down in fear.

Another shock would be the strength he put into it, the noble smacking against the wall so hard the foundation giving way as the cement dust created a cloud of dust as the rubble that was loosened fell onto the fattened noble frame weighing him down. The criminal now ready, “That was an offense not many would risk, you’re pretty wild, for a criminal Aeris said in response to him saying that the noble deserved the worst implying that his strike was weak. “Ah, I guess that implies to me to know..” Aeris said with a small smile as she swung her spear over her back in a resting position, she had no idea what to think about the future so she was just taking it as it came, for so long she had to repress herself, now that she was being hunted anyway no néed to be so uptight right?

The noble unconscious the criminal walked towards the mink girl holding her in his arms, her uniform still attached to the mink girl her underneath outfit was a red and black polka dotted shirt with black dots and a short skirt of black with gold stars plastered around it, and standard marine female 2 inch heel combat boots. “I guess I got nowhere else better to be. Mr. Criminal.” Aeris said with an air of politeness yet still partially acting as an officer still due to habit answering him that she was indeed coming as he began to ran carrying her. Perhaps it was because she was female or he never meant another as fast as he was. He thought he was outpacing her but looking back he would see she was running beside him pace for pace, he slowed down and she matched his pace without breaking a sweat. “Don’t rush me! You’re the one that needs to move faster, Mr criminal!

Closing on Mt. Cloubo after running the three criminals would find themselves faced with a roadblock up ahead, although nobody knew exactly where they were headed the world noble had hired enough competent people to do the due diligence of escaping possible escape routes, a group of fifteen men of various sizes blocking the way to Mt. Cloubo in which Aeris supposed they. had been heading for all along. Carrying the girl Aeris didn’t suppose he could fight, “Keep running full force ahead!

Spat loud and clear, the coincidence in her voice suggesting she would handle it.  Mid run Aeris moved around the two as she lifted her right hand, if he hadn’t noticed before Aeris was wearing black leather gloves, said gloves began leaking water freely from Aeris hand that turned a vicious purple, flicking her entire arm forward the water itself changed shaped mid-air giving launch to a dozen or so purple colored like needles that pierced through the wall of rogues marines and pirates alike in exposed areas, a total of three or four making it out unscathed bot those who had been hit dropped in sluggish movement or half paralysis.

Not done yet with the rest of the group standing Aeris threw her spear straight forward at the tallest, the others to short to have to avoid it the tall one moved to evade it but Aeris had did a short burst of speed to catch it mid  air as it was falling taking a strong grip of it as she used the momentum of her dash to spin in a large circle cutting not only the tallest grunt but the other ones as well as they attempted to approach her as she spun cutting them in a tornado like fashion sticking the landing as they fell around her bleeding onto the dirt. [/color]

Meanwhile at the marine base Charlie had started drinking early in celebration of his “accomplishments” , he had sent the fish woman to do a hard job for him, she was a puppet for him to control as he wished and her success was his own and her failure was his chance to punish her as he pleased, a monster he could use to ascend his position in the ranks without lifting a finger of his own!

A knock on the door, Come in Ensign! Captain Charlie said almost with a hint of happiness in his voice but to his surprise it was not Ensign Aeris but a few of the higher ups that smashed through his door in anger causing him to rise to his seat in confusion and fear, “Commander! What do I owe the pleasure..!

Belly still jiggling one particular commander with black curly hair that fell down his shoulders walked forward almost smashing a piece of paper against Captain Charlie large gut in which the latter took hold of after taking a deep breath from the hit, looking at the paper Captain Charlie blood ran cold. A picture of Ensign Aeris..running with the Criminial and the previously captured mink girl in hand, she..she was helping them!

You better fix this Captain Charlie, one of ours betraying a world noble to help a pirate? Luckily this noble isn’t one of the more powerful ones or your head would already be on a swivel, make this right or else your’re “privileges” will be cut short and you’re find yourself right beside you’re man, do I make myself clear Captain Charlie..?

YES SIR! THAT DAMN FISHWOMAN WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS, I’ll SEE HER TO THE GALLOWS FOR HER BETRAYAL! Captain Charlie said with all the real anger he could muster while maintaining some composure after his humiliation, she will pay! He will have her in chains for this!!!!

It would be in you’re best interest Captain Charlie, get to it.. The commander relaxed and walked out of the busted door along with the two others that had been silent in the encounter.

AEEERRISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Captain Charlie screamed in rage as he hit his desk so hard with his fist it split in half.

It had took another hour or so after the small skirmish but sure enough Aeris found herself amazed as they had indeed made it to Mt. Cloubo, underneath the mountain he led them through a cave system that had looked smoothened out and reconstructed into a dojo of sorts, standing there Aeris watched Mr.Criminial pace around starting a fire and putting the mink women into a bed adjusting a pillow, the marine uniform around her being thrown and for a moment her gaze followed as she looked at the uniform stained in blood physically and wondered just how much blood she and other marines actually had on there hands that wasn’t warranted.

Brought out of her thoughts as the fire warmed her skin pleasantly unlike the cool often cold sensation of water she was aware of Mr. Criminal walking about, she could hear his stomach growling and he looked haggard especially now when all grew silent. “I'm an official navigator, I can cook basic soups in large quantities and hunt. Mr. Criminal you need to rest like your friend..Nene I heard? You’re tired and if what I know is true you've been running, fighting and hiding for days which is probably why you feel weaker. I have nowhere to go and no family to go back to, I’ll take first watch and later when you wake up you need to bandage her wounds, the marine’s don’t. know where this place is, at least I sure didn’t so we should be safe in the meantime.

Aeris scanned the man before her up and down before speaking again, “Aeris, Aeris Hagiera, that’s my name.” Aeris said, finally taking a seat by the entrance of the cave looking out into the landscape that was darkening.


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" I was honestly going to go with spear lady, but I guess Aeris it is” he said, shifting up and slowly to his feet, a small bit of irritation was pressed against his face as his gaze shifted over to the marine. “It’s Rion, not Mr.Criminal, I punched that pig cause I wanted to, you’re more of a criminal than I am for whatever you did to those guys.” he’d say in a cheeky tone, grin lining his lips as he thought back to the chase.

More men poured out from the city streets blocking their path, and at the time if he wasn’t carrying an injured Nene he could have helped drop some odd fifteen men that blocked the path home. ‘ How much did that noble want that rotten fruit?!’ He thought moving forward was his only option and as he made his way to stop to a halt and kick his way through them. Aeris, or Spear lady at the time. Told him to '' keep running I’ll handle it”, against his better nature he continued running, grip gently tightening around his mink companion as he ran he only heard the loud shrieks of the would be captors, as whatever the marine did to them, was probably a sight indeed.

Rion’s mind would return back to the present. The warmth of the fire now filling the small cave space with the heat of the fire. Moving to another of the small cave rooms, he would return with four fresh, but crudely made bandages, a bowl of dark green paste, and a change of clothing, a light blue T-shirt, and knee-length shorts with a hole cut in back for someone with a tail.

Now walking over to Aeris and crouching next to her, he would place a pair of the bandages, green paste, and change of clothing near her. His eyes and ears would focus on the darkness too, listening to the breeze and small animals creeping in the night. " You mind?… I’m not completely stupid you know...” Rion said, head gesturing towards the sleeping mink. Eye’s focused on the sky searching for any hints of a full moon as his right hand begins scratching at an old wound against his bandaged chest ‘ or at least, not in the habit of dying!’ he thought in a reminiscent grimace.

" I’ll sleep once she’s taken care of.” Rion sighed out. He was the only family Nene had now. As far as he knew, besides he owed her. Ever since she found him starving in the forest she’s been taking care of him. “ Like you said, she needs fresh bandages. And Nene made whatever that green stuff is. She’s a pretty good medicine woman. That’s the last of it, so use it. ” Rion said, rising to his feet and back into another one of the small alcoves.

After a few minutes of to give the women some privacy. he returns, having retrieved a half-full bottle of rum. Rion would sit cross legged and face the cave wall, only after removing the black haori he wore and folding it neatly by his side.
"Glad she’s not awake to be pissed about poor medical care” he chuckled to himself as he began peeling the bandages off his own muscular frame, only to pour some of the half bottle of rum onto his odd, still bleeding wounds that were mixed in with the wounds he already carried.. He’d wash down the sting of the alcohol on his skin with the last swig from the bottle. "didnt plan it this way but you’ll be saving me the time of finding one out on the ocean. Soup isn’t going to cut it though, Im gonna need a chef..” He’d spoken his thoughts aloud to Aeris over his shoulder, as he began to cover his scars and injuries with fresh bandages.

" This is what I deserve for having someone of your place to attend to affairs above your station” a cold but calm voice speaks down to the now bowing and conscious, Pierre Dey swinehart. A fat man far beyond his time was bowing in front of his goal, a true world noble. A man of the house outlook. " Thur tish not muh fault.. ” the swine hart was begging through a mouth full of cracked teeth and a swollen jaw. The imprint of Rion’s fist still etched into his cheek like a brand. “ I-it thwas dat pwiwate!” Shrilled swinehart “silence“ simply said the outlook" i dont speak often so id like you to listen" swine hart silenced himself in fear bowing his head down to the ground even further.
“ you’ve brought shame to me, You’ve had my devil fruit stolen from you, a filthy mink layed hands on you and you couldn’t keep her under control, and worst of all you somehow got a marine involved.” The man pauses rising from his seat on the swineharts old throne to tower above him on the steps. “But I am a man of sport and I’ll give you an idea. Run, find them both and kill them, before I have you hunted instead". The outlook would smile wickedly, gesturing a hand toward one of the 4 guards that surrounded swinehart “sir” the guard would say placing a pistol into his lord's hand. " You have till the count of three to chase after wherever that boy might be and kill him, for causing chaos in my city. '' said the man  pointing the gun at swineharts head.
It was at this moment as swinehart heard the counting, that he moved the fastest in his life, quickly speeding to his feet before hearing a loud *thunk* of the bullet hitting the last spot he once was. Only his heavy awkward steps could be heard through the night as he shouted.“ T-dat mounthain rat will pay…. I’ll take it all out of hish hide!” He had been planning his rise to true noblity for years, kissing the heels and washing the hands of who he had to. and now all this was gone because of some mountain kid in a black hat.

A yawn would greet Rion’s lips as he sat up, birds were chirping outside the cave. ' When the hell did I fall asleep?’. He thought as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “ Hey Aeris, did I pass out? I swear I was asking you about something else..” His mind was drawing a blank then, the questions came to hide mind like a flood. Springing up from the floor and onto his feet he’d rush over to Aeris and grab hold of her shoulders. “ Why the hell did they take Nene anyway? I thought minks and humans were friends? Did something happen during the winter? Why did that fruit taste like shit? Why was fatty so obsessed about it? can you find us a island to get a ship??” His rush of questions came out like a stream, until he finally slowed down, his stomach now grumbling interupting his thoughts ” explain while we eat please” he’d say grinning and walk toward the firepit and sit next to a still sleeping Nene. waiting for both this soup she could make and awnsers.


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Introducing herself formally Aeris hadn’t done so without the title “Ensign” in front of it, or at the very least without the subtle look that she got from others who either persecuted fishman kind, or hadn’t met them, she had very much excepted the same look but this time she found herself surprised to say the least

I liked your other name better, but I suppose Rion’s a good name~” Aeris said back face turning partially as she gave a light chuckle while subconsciously protecting herself from being able to enjoy this as much as she would have hoped. Silence fell between the two and the currently unconscious mink girl. Left with her thoughts, Aeris could not help reflecting on the aftermath of her decisions from a marine standpoint. Treason, harm to the fellow marines, hurting a world noble, disobeying commander's owner, causing structural damage. Those were just the major things but the smaller violations were numerous. Going back meant jail for life or execution, her kind was already looked at with mix views and what she did would surely not be good for them in the long run, but what that world noble did to that mink girl..?

Aeris brought herself out of her thoughts to look at the mink girl or rather where she was sleeping, not making a move to go and wake her or check up on her, she needed sleep to physically heal but the girls mental state? That was going to take a lot longer, she wagered. Thoughts on herself and the mink girl fading Aeris noticed in her contemplation Rion was gone, ears perking up she could hear rummaging in a room not too far off. It was clearly hard for her to adjust, she was a soldier until hours ago and now she was a Criminal so answering Rion’s questions she realized she had an almost authoritative tone to it despite not meaning too.

When Rion began coming back into the warmth and light of the fire as it crackled inside the cave she could see he had clothes, some type of medicine and bandages, “Sorry, it’s..Im, been a long time since I spoke freely without orders or being ordered..” Upon saying that her voice dropped into a more softer vulnerable tone as her eyes shifted to look at the fire and then back to Rion only to take the things he was telling her to use for Nene. “From what I heard.. she is a good girl that wants to help, I’ll take good care of her…” Aeris said walking into Nene's room after getting up and closing the door to get to work.

It had taken several minutes but Aeris had adjust the medicine made by Nene herself, spreading it over her wounds caused the girl to grunt and even go feral on her a bit in her tired and pained state but she had been able to keep her down and rebandanaged her using a small cloth of sorts to wipe the blood off her hand Aeris would find Rion sitting cross-legged with a half empty bottle of rum he was enjoying while also dealing with his wounds, like she thought he wasn’t without injury and in some cases worse than Nene although not as deep as her own. “I take it you plan to set out to sea, a pirate? If you are there is only going to be more of this on a regular basis, do you know what you’re saying Rion? ” Aeris said while taking a seat next to him arms crossed over her chest regarding his need for a navigator or a cook in which he asked her about earlier but also knowing just what a pirates life entailed, still she did not want to sway him from his decision only to introduce him to the reality of it.

Not soon after that Rion passed out leaving Aeris alone in the cave, without having eaten anything for most of the day she set out of the cave staying in eye view but picking off the local vegetables and fruits that were close by and waiting a few hours for some meat to come by, a giant forest hog blessed her and she gave it the tip of her spear right in between it’s eyes to collect it’s bounty. Returning to the cave and heavy with thoughts still Aeris began cooking the only dish she knew, “Wild boar Soup” With forest hog, carrots onions and some other ingredients and herbs that was good, or atleast better than starving. It had to cook so Aeris decided to take a nap

The least physically injured Aeris nap was small for her to go back to full energy more or less and so she continued cooking the food, more awake now she took the extra ingredients she didn’t use for the good and like Nene had her green paste Aeris knew a particular ointment that soothed damaged skin more or less, a remedy she heard from other marines at least. It was in the middle of making this small bowl of herbs did Rion's voice echo through the cave once more. “You were talking about some!” Aeris was cut off as she felt Rion’s partial body weight come down on her with a firm hand as she was mixing, her face twitching in annoyance at the sudden closeness.

Goddamn Rion, you are a ball of energy when you wake up aren’t you?” Aeris said, eyes narrowing as he grinned at her, with a swift motion she would indicate for him to grab the bowl, “1st, good morning. 2! Take this and apply it to your wounds. Everything else..will take some time to explain…” Aeris said face becoming particularly more serious as she recounted the events she heard about and the information she knew about the fruit that the world noble was so offended about being taken.

Nene would have been taken by a world noble on a good day usually for what she did with the wrong noble, they don’t need a legitimate reason to do what they want, if they have the power and connections they can do just about anything but in recent news a pirate with some particularly strong mink companions caused some heavy damage, minks are all basically in the shithole when it comes to marine forces. A world noble can basically execute them and there is not even a single person to disagree with that result…” Aeris did not feel good about telling him about that but she did in particular because he imagined that if Nene came with him, he would be heavily targeted down the line by someone.

That fruit you ate wasn’t just any fruit. It’s what we call a devil fruit, a terrible tasting fruit that grants the user an ability at random in exchange for not being able to swim in the sea, so I recommend not swimming alone anymore at the beach. And finally if you want a ship to steal..” Aeris had to think about this one for a second and then it hit her. “Warship island, it doesn’t have a lot of warships,  but a lot of pirates smuggle through there, could make a good spot to steal a potential ship in which I suppose I will have to navigate you won't I?” Aeris asked with her right eyebrow raising in suspicion but the smell of fresh hot meat mixing in the spot finally hit a fever pitch in aroma as it drifted through the cave telling all the food was now ready.

A small sigh and visibly relaxing Aeris suggested to the food, “Any more questions can be answered while we eat, let's dig in.


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“Hell no, smelled meat” he would state in a simple but direct tone, sleeping was probably his favorite thing, next to eating and unfortunately he couldn't work out how to do both at the same time. yet.
“Oh Right..” Rion would say then, almost on reflex , He'd place his right fist in his left palm and bow to her slightly, the traditional greeting for a Martial Artist. “Good morning”  he would say in a calm and respectful tone, then would have the bowl of green paste shoved in his hands. Rion’s nose would crinkle up at the contents of the bowl of green paste ’aww dammit, she made more?!’. he hated putting this stuff on that was one of the reasons he gave it to her to use on Nene.
First,it burned when it got in your wounds’ it’s antiseptic’ nene always chirped in his ear any time she forcibly applied it to him after training with sensei. Second ,the stuff smelled like rancid mold, and with how long he’d been in the forest his sense of smell was better than normal peoples,so this bowl smelled like rotten sewage. Seeing no place to dispose of the bowl, and hating the stuff inside Rion casually chucks the bowl behind his head making it splatter against the cave wall.” Oops'' he'd say as he crossed his arms and shifted his gaze away from her, trying to hide his discomfort but failing. His mood would begin to change however as Aeris went into her explanation.

A few minutes had passed once Aeris had finished explaining things in full to him. From his understanding, the world government could  handle a few strong minks and decided to punish those that were weaker. He’d seen bullying but what that fatty did to nene was far beyond the strong picking on the weak. It was cruelty and for no other reason but. His gaze would shift over to the sleeping girl, bringing her with him meant that she’d be in danger constantly, but leaving her here. She’d be alone like he was all those years ago, and with how things were now. Leaving her meant another noble could do the same thing that would happen all over again. Only he would be here to protect her.
His head whirled as she told him about the Fruit. ‘Devil fruits’ as she called them seemed more like a curse than a blessing. Sure this did give him the strength enough while half dead to kill a bear but not being able to swim anymore, if he could trust what she was saying at least was certain death if he took out to sea without a proper ship. Finally having processed it all he would simply shake his dread locked head and shrug, then say”Knowing all this hurts my brain,and kinda pisses me off, if I can’t swim now, I guess I’ll just not have to fall in… and when it comes to nene. she’s gonna come with us, I won’t leave her here to be alone on this island. if I left without her weak ass someone would just do the same thing all over again!”.

His nose would snap him to attention as the rich aroma of his favorite boar meat was now simmering in a pot over the fire, he began drooling as he spoke back to her finally” meat first, steal ship later, you lead, gimmie bowl “ his fingers and hands would paw at the air playful toward Aeris as his eyes never strayed away from the pot.
“ Chikhahaha” he laughed “gift of the mountains isn’t it?” He would say as he was now scarffing down his final bowl, having eaten almost the whole pot of hearty boar soup by himself. As he rubbed his overstuffed stomach he would tilt his head over to Aeris and look directly into her eyes.” Last night, you asked me about setting out to sea? Being a pirate?” he hesitated slightly and he leaned back against the cave floor then answered”thought about it, and it still doesnt matter, i have a dream of being the strongest in all the seas, and anyone that wants to get in the way of that will pretty much end up like that piggie... so dont worry” a wide grin would show across his face as he rose to his feet and walked to the sleeping mink. “ hey wake up it’s time to go dumb dumb” he’d poke the mink girls forehead repeatedly as he said this, causing the young mink girl to stir in her sleep finaly, Looking at Aeris and pointing a thumb toward the cave entrance rion would say. “ You probably haven’t been on this island long, but there’s a village on the other side of this mountain called foosha. I hide the raft underneath the docks there… and if I can’t swim you’re gonna have to get it”

“ So….did you really have to carry me down like this?” Nene asked, her question pointed at Rion. who had her strapped to his back, she was in one of the bamboo baskets they had used to collect firewood, somehow rion had fashioned it into some kind of backpack for her while she was sleeping. She was glaring at the back of his head as the trio made their way through the dense forest.
“ This is so you don’t get in the way. last time Aeris, by the way” he points a thumb toward the former marine behind them “ that’s Aeris, stop glaring. She helped us escape but wouldn't let me fight so this is how you stay outta the way and carriable” he would place his hands on his hips and strut casually down the mountain., after about an hour of hiking they would appear on the outskirts of Foosha village, the peaceful townsfolk moving about there day without a care. Some however as the trio passed making their way quickly to the docks would take notice and whisper among themselves. “ That's them. Should we do something?…” one man says ” Hell no! those three are crazy! Apparently that one in the black hat went crazy in town. And that fishwoman took out almost 20 guys by herself.” says another. Chatter like this continued till they made it to the docks, and to their luck the ports were empty. Rion would turn to Aeris and say “ the raft is down below don’t make fun of it! I suck at building, but it floats!”, a small smile would line his face next. as he gazed a bit past the town and toward the mountain, an island he once called home, he had wanted this day to be different. Sensei was meant to see him off to port with Nene at his side, but now there was only pain here.” i'll be great for the both of us old monkey” rion would whisper to himself, then turning to the sea he would say to Aeris “Lead the way Aeris, we’ve got a ship to steal”

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World Position : Lurking Legend (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Sangria's Vane (Destroyed)
Crew Role : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Bounty : [ber=r] 5,000,000,000
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Income Bonus : +0.20
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