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[Turf Details] Totto Land Empty [Turf Details] Totto Land

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:03 pm

Totto Land

[Turf Details] Totto Land Whole_10

Owner: Charlotte Family / Feral Pirates
Status: Uncontested
Economy: 23

Description: Totto Land is a massive archipelago with Whole Cake Island, capital of Totto Land, in its centre, and 34 subsidiary islands, arranged roughly in concentric circles. Each subsidiary island is ruled by a minister. All islands are themed after food. Some of the islands have rivers made of juice or syrup flowing into the ocean to form sections called "Mizuame", which maintain the juices' colours and freeze at night; it takes only the warmth of the day to make them juicy again.

The islands are a paradise amidst the harshness of the New World and welcome all sorts of people. These islands are a favourite destination for all foodies, and anyone that visits here without an appreciation for food is often frowned upon and shamed publicly. The island is ruled by the remnants of the Charlotte family.

Important Islands: Whole Cake Island, 100% Island, Biscuits Island, Black Island, Cacao Island, Candy Island, Cheese Island, Cutlery Island, Flavor Island, Fruits Island, Funwari Island, Futoru Island, Ice Island, Jam Island, Jelly Island, Kibo Island, Kimi Island, Kinko Island, Komugi Island, Liqueur Island,  Loving Island, Margarine Island, Milenge Island, Noko Island, Nuts Island, Package Island, Piepie Island, Poripori Island, Potato Island, Rokumitsu Island, Sanshoku Island, Tanega Island, Topping Island, Unique Island, Yakigashi Island
Important Cities: Sweet City, Kaju Town, Chocola Town, Cheese Town, Table Town, Essence Town, Punch Town, Fuwarin Town, Sherbet Town, Noor Town, Pururun Town, Kubo Town, Shiromi Town, Oshimuna Town, Hakuriki Town, Love Town, Butter Town, Muringe Town, Peanuts Town, Mame Mame Town, Chips Town, Nanamitsu Town, Shanshoku Town, Seed Town, Fancy Town, Fukkura Town
Important Locations: Whole Cake Chateau, Charmless Woods (Formerly Seducing Woods), Lake Aprico


Officers: V
Navy: V
Leader Training: IV
Officer Training: IV
Naval Training: III

Trade Routes: IV
Taxes: V
Markets: V

Tariff Collection: V
Medical Services: III
Secret Passages: III
Weaponry Production: III
Shipyard Services: III

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