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[Info] 08. Turf Mechanics Empty [Info] 08. Turf Mechanics

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:25 am
Turf Mechanics

This is where you can find information regarding the land-owning and conquest system of the site.

The Turf System is a system that allows players to conquer territories across the sea by taking islands under their protection. The benefits of conquering territories are two-fold. Firstly, they give you a bonus income per completed thread while the territory is under your control. And secondly, they provide you with a base of operations which can be built upon further for various perks. It also provides grounds for staging important character-developing RPs, and is a good way to influence the world around it too. Keep in mind that you "owning" an island does not necessarily mean you are its ruler. It simply means that the island is under your protection while it is ruled autonomously by whoever you designated as its official ruler.


Turfs are given varying designations based on their status, and the difficulty of conquest. There are five designations that each island is given: Owner, Status, Security, Economy and Improvements.


The owner of the turf is the person or group that the island is under the protection of. This means that when this turf is contested, the owner has the right to intervene in the thread using all of their assets, along with the island's local security. Even if the turf is not designated an owner, its inhabitants (or competing invaders) will provide resistance to any conquest.


Uncontested: This island is currently not being challenged by any player groups and is open for conquest.
Contested: This island is currently being challenged by a player group, and the conquest threads can only be joined in if your group has an active thread here, or if the leader of the challenging group permits you to join. If you join a conquest thread, you have the chance to either stop the attacker, or share in the spoils. But, if you're strong enough and ballsy enough, you can also attempt to hijack the takeover and muscle the competition out. However, be careful when attempting the last option without warning, as it can lead to trust issues with your group in future threads.
Untouchable: This island can only be contested by player groups of Tier 5 or above.
Uncontestable: This island cannot be contested unless a World Event changes its designation.


The Turf Security Designation lists important local  NPC bosses that the contesting group would have to defeat or pacify in order to successfully conquer the turf. The following is a list of designations you will see under security.
Boss (Level X): Each security designation will include varying levels of NPC bosses, which allow you to judge whether you stand a chance when contesting this territory.
Mini-bosses (Level X): This will mention up to how many mini-bosses you will be facing when contesting this territory.
Minions: This will mention how many throwaway troops the turf's defense has to place in your path.
Ships (Tier X): This designation will mention if the island has any ships defending it from naval attacks.


This designation gives you an idea of the potential rewards of conquering this turf. The economic reward system works rather simply. The economy designation will have a number anywhere between 0 to 25 based on the location of the island and the turf improvements. This number will be added for all of your turfs and then divided by 100 to determine your Income Bonus for every quest reward calculation.


This designation will be a list of turf improvements that provide a basis for the turf's economy and security. But, certain buildings will provide additional IC benefits. Once you've captured a turf, you can improve it by purchasing turf improvements in the Shop of Dreams. Only the leader of the owner group may purchase turf improvements.

The following is a list of all possible Turf improvements.

Officers I/II/III/IV/V: Provides the turf with 2/4/6/8/10 mini-bosses respectively.
Navy I/II/III/IV/V: Provides the navy of the turf with 1/2/3/4/5 notable ships respectively.
Leader Training I/II/III/IV/V: Makes the boss of a turf Tier 2/3/4/5/6 respectively.
Officer Training I/II/III/IV/V: Makes the mini-bosses of a turf level 10/30/50/70/90 respectively.
Naval Training I/II/III/IV/V: Makes the notable ships of a turf's navy Tier 1/2/3/4/5 respectively.

[info]- For islands not owned by players or Important Characters (or the World Government), the specific level of the Leader can be chosen by the players attempting the conquest. The level must still fit the tier defined by the Leader Training.

- For islands owned by Important NPCs (or the World Government), if an important character belonging to the owner group matches the tier or level requirement for a boss or mini-boss, the loremaster may choose to substitute that NPC Boss fight with a PvP fight with an Important NPC instead.

- For islands owned by a player crew/alliance, if a player belonging to the owner group matches the tier or level requirement for a boss or mini-boss, the leader of the crew/alliance may choose to substitute that NPC Boss fight with a PvP fight with a player instead, but only if the player being substituted in is eligible to RP in that sea when the conquest starts.

- For conquest arcs or sagas, if the island doesn't provide sufficient mini-bosses to complete the requirements for certain challenges (whether that be due to lack of quantity or quality), the players attempting the conquest have the option to substitute or add mini-bosses that would fulfill the requirements for the challenges they are attempting to complete. However, for any such scenarios, they must discuss how to frame such bosses RP-wise with the loremaster.[/info]

Trade Routes I/II/III/IV/V: Improves the economy by +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 respectively.
Taxes I/II/III/IV/V: Improves the economy by +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 respectively.
Markets I/II/III/IV/V: Improves the economy by +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 respectively.

Tariff Collection I/II/III/IV/V: Provides you with 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of monetary rewards collected by any quest-takers on your turf, respectively. (This income is not deducted from the quest-takers' rewards.)
Medical Services I/II/III/IV/V: Heals up to 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% HP of a character twice per thread (or two characters once per thread).
Secret Passages I/II/III/IV/V: Grants a free use of the [[tacticalretreat]] consumable to up to 1/2/3/4/5 turf-allied defenders from combat once per combat encounter.
Weaponry Production I/II/III/IV/V: Allows you to repair any broken equipment up to tiers 2/3/4/5/6. Only one piece of broken equipment may be repaired for each character in your alliance per quest performed on the island. Happens at the end of the thread.
Shipyard  Services I/II/III/IV/V: Allows you to repair any damaged ships of tiers up to 2/3/4/5/6 that aren't completely sunk. Only one ship can be repaired per quest performed on the island. You must complete the quest on the island to repair the ship. Happens at the end of the thread.

[info]- The above Special Improvements are only activated when performing a quest on the turf with the relevant improvement.[/info]

How do I conquer Turf?

To begin the conquest of a turf, you must apply for a quest in the quest requests thread, and mention in the summary why you wish to contest this turf, and what your plans are for it. For the difficulty, you must consider the highest level NPC (the Boss) of the turf, unless the island is player-owned, and the player owners are stronger than the NPC boss. In the latter case, the difficulty must then be calculated based on the player opponents' tiers.

All turf contest quests MUST at least be arcs, if not sagas, and MUST involve more than one player character. In these arcs/sagas, you must defeat all of the turf bosses, mini-bosses, and notable ships. Any turf contest quests on Untouchable turfs MUST be sagas. Do note, however, that the threads of these arcs and sagas do not all have to take place on the island you are trying to conquer. They simply need to have a single driving plot-line.

Once your turf contest quest request has been approved, the island's status will be changed, and you may begin your first thread in the conquest. But, you must add the following tag in the title: [Island Name Conquest] (e.g. [Arc] [Drum Island Conquest] The Blue-nosed Reindeer).

Once you've completed the quest and have had it graded, if you successfully captured the island in the RP and most of your group members received a quality score of at least C (B for Grand Line turfs and A for Untouchable tufs), your group will become the new owners of the island. Once the island changes ownership, all turf improvements will level down one notch to signify instability after the conquest. You may upgrade your turf improvements in the Shop of Dreams.

Note: Your crew may only own up to four islands as your turf. Once you have reached this cap, if you wish to conquer any other islands, you must sacrifice your ownership of one of the islands you already own. Alternatively, you may form an alliance to increase the turf ownership cap.
How do I defend my Turf?

When a turf you own is contested by a rival crew, you may send your crew members to participate in that conquest arc/saga to defend your turf. However, there are certain limitations which must be taken into account.

You may only send characters that conform to the Security Improvements on the turf. For example, if your turf has Leader Training II, Officer Training II, and Officers I, you may send up to one level 40 or below player character, and up to two level 30 or below player characters to defend your turf. The player defenders will replace the leader and officers. If there aren't enough player defenders to replace all officers/leader, Crew Companions may be used instead. Otherwise, the attackers will fight standard NPCs for the remaining officers/leader.
Player characters must currently be eligible to RP in the sea where the contested turf is located for them to come to its defense. See the Participation Limit in the Questing Guide to determine whether you are eligible to RP in the desired sea.
There is an exception to the above requirements. If you have designated a turf as a Base of Operations you may bring down the entire might of your crew to intervene in the Conquest. All player members in the turf owner crew can ignore the Security Improvement limitations and the RP Participation Limit to defend their Base of Operations.

Base of Operations

Each crew may designate a single turf as their Base of Operations. This allows the crew to ignore the limitations defined above and defend that turf regardless of their current level and location.

The Base of Operations may be changed each time a crew conquers a new turf. You may also change your Base of Operations every three months in real time.

[info]For any Base of Operations owned by an Important NPC group, all members listed on the associated group page can be brought down to defend the turf at the loremaster's discretion.[/info]

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