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[Info] 05. Questing Guide Empty [Info] 05. Questing Guide

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:28 am

Questing Guide

This is where you can find information regarding the questing system of the site.
If you'd like to apply for a quest, please visit the Quest Requests thread.

Quest Categories

Quests are the primary method of progression in Revival Dawn. These quests are categorized into four different classes: Episodes, Arcs, Sagas, World Events. The first three categories are differentiated by the number of words and player characters required, and the scope of their impact on the world. Arcs and sagas can be broken up into multiple threads across different islands, but they must have an underlying cohesive plotline that ties the threads together.

Participation limit: You can participate in as many episodes as you can handle at the same time, however, you may only participate in up to a maximum of two arcs simultaneously, and one saga.
You may not simultaneously participate in quests in different seas unless your active quests are at least two months old. For example: If you have started a quest in Paradise less than two months ago which is still incomplete, any new quest until that quest ends (or two months pass since starting it) must take place in Paradise. The only exceptions to this rule are world events.

[info=Note]The rewards of arcs and sagas are given once every thread involved in them is completed and graded.[/info]

CategoryPlayersBossesWord CountBase EXPBase
Episode1+1 Boss, 0 Mini-bosses5,00050500,000
Arc2+1 Boss, 2 Mini-bosses13,5002501,750,000
Saga3+1 Boss, 4 Mini-bosses20,0005003,000,000
World EventWorld Events are special events organized by the loremaster. They strive to progress the site's lore and plot. Each World Event will have unique rewards and requirements. Depending on the plot's relative scale, the participants' performance will be one of the key factors in determining its outcome and rewards.

[info=Note]The word count requirement applies to each quest participant separately and does not include OOC content such as combat mini-posts and combat trackers.[/info]

Quest Difficulties

The Difficulty Score you choose for your quest determines the intensity of the challenge your character(s) will face and the difficulty reward bonus you will receive for the completion of the quest.

There are nine difficulty levels altogether.

Difficulty ScoreReward BonusMax. Combatants
+5+2.005 PCs, 10 Minions
+4+1.004 PCs, 8 Minions
+3+0.753 PCs, 6 Minions
+2+0.502 PCs, 4 Minions
+1+0.251 PC, 2 Minions

Boss Stats Calculation

Based on your selected difficulty score, your boss' stats must be calculated based on the formula and chart below.

Your boss' stats will increase or decrease per unit of deviation from +0 based on the tier of the player character with the highest stats (see formula below).

You can use the [inlinecode]/calculate-boss-stats[/inlinecode] command in any channel on the Discord server to easily determine your boss' stats. The formula, chart, and details are only here for reference.

Calculation Details:

[info]- When questing together with other players, you are not required to share boss encounters. You may choose to have your own individual encounters (this is the more commonly chosen option).

- For Arcs and Sagas, you must also defeat the required number of MINI-BOSSES. These mini-bosses' stat totals should be calculated the same way as the boss' stat totals, except using two difficulty scores lower than the difficulty score of the quest. All NPC bosses for arcs, sagas, and conquests can be defeated in individual encounters or grouped to have fewer total encounters.

- The boss "kills" for important world position and perk requirements and such is granted to the player who deals the most damage to the boss.

Defeating a higher difficulty boss or retreating after a defeat

On higher difficulty quests, it may sometimes take several attempts to defeat the boss. In cases like these, if a player is knocked out, they will earn a +0.15 to their difficulty reward bonus for every knockout they suffer up to a maximum of +0.45. The Knockout Bonus is only applied if the boss is defeated without the player being eliminated.

Players may also retreat from their boss (mini-boss or final boss) up to three times before the quest boss fight will be considered a failure and they will not be able to re-engage any bosses. Each escape also adds a -0.15 Escape Penalty to the total bonuses (up to a maximum of -0.45). The escape penalty is not applied if the player is eliminated in the quest.

The knockout bonus and escape penalty are cumulative across all encounters of a quest for each player. You may also only escape up to three times total, not three times per boss/mini-boss.

Quest Failure

If you escape from your boss and finish the quest without defeating him, your quest difficulty will default to +0 unless it is already +0 or lower, in which case the rewards will be degraded to one difficulty below. However, for quests +3 or above, if you get knocked out by the boss at least twice and then escape, you may still get the full difficulty reward bonus (see sections below) if you get a Quality Score of S. If you get a quality score of A, you will receive a bonus for one difficulty lower than the one your quest was set to.

Additionally, if your character is eliminated but not killed, you may reattempt the boss up to two more times before declaring the quest a failure. The penalties from each elimination will stack, though.

[warn=""]Failed quests must still be completed for you to earn associated rewards.[/warn]

Quality Score Assessment

Each character must have their first quest assessed by a mod before its rewards can be handed out. Quests can take several weeks (and maybe more) to grade depending on their lengths.

After the first quest is assessed, the character will be assigned a Quality Score to their profile. Any subsequent quests will use that Quality Score for the reward calculations.

The Quality Score is calculated using your points in the following categories:

Plot (out of 100 points):
Characters (out of 75 points):
Dialogue (out of 50 points):
World-building (out of 50 points):
Literary Devices (out of 100 points):
Language (out of 125 points):

A 100% score in a category does not necessarily mean your performance is perfect. Nothing ever is. A 100% score simply means that the assessor could not see any other need for improvement in that category and believes that your work deserves to be held in the highest regard (at least for that category).

Quality Score Bonuses

There are different levels of quality scores, and the reward bonuses vary for each of them.

Quality ScoreReward BonusRequired Total Points (out of 500)

Quality Score Reassessment
Players can request to have their Quality Scores reassessed when submitting a quest for grading. They will then be reassigned a Quality Score based on the quality of that quest.

[warn=Important Notes]
1. If you request a Quality Score reassessment, there is a chance your newer score will be lower than your current score. Graders will be looking to see if you followed up on feedback provided in the previous Quality Score Assessment and improved your writing.

2. The quest grader may still skim a quest submitted for grading even if you did not request a reassessment of your Quality Score. If they notice a significant disparity in the quality of your quest compared to your Quality Score, they may initiate a Quality Score reassessment themselves. They will then provide feedback and give you an updated Quality Score. Please try to maintain a consistent quality of writing if you already have a high Quality Score. And if you're not satisfied with the quality of a particular quest and want to avoid risking a reduction in your score, please use the opt-out of Quality Score option (see below). Sometimes, you may just want to write a throwaway quest for laughs and giggles.

If you do not like to have your written content scored/assessed, you can opt out of receiving Quality Scores when submitting a quest for grading.

If you opt out of receiving the quality score, you will not receive any associated bonuses, and you will not be able to earn perks or Important Positions that require Quality Score achievements.

Alternatively, if you would like a Quality Score but do not care for feedback, you can specifically opt out of receiving feedback when submitting a quest for grading.

Quest Length Multiplier

If you go over the word count requirement, you will be eligible for a Length Multiplier. The Length Multiplier is calculated as follows and then used as a multiplier for your total quest rewards.

Length Multiplier (LM) = (Total Word Count) / (Required Word Count)

1. The Length Multiplier is only applied if you have at least 1,000 more words per thread (average) than required in that quest category.
2. The maximum Length Multiplier you can have is 2.
3. To be eligible for the Length Multiplier, you must obtain a Quality Score of B or higher in that quest.

Noob Bonus

All Tier 1 characters (level 1-19) will receive a +5 Noob Bonus to their final EXP and monetary reward multipliers for every quest.

All Tier 2 characters (level 20-39) will receive a +2 Noob Bonus to their final EXP and monetary reward multipliers for every quest.

The EXP bonuses will only be applied to the extent to which they take you to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 thresholds. Any residual EXP will be calculated using the bonus of the next tier.

Note that if you redirect your EXP rewards, the Noob Bonus will be determined based on the target character's level, not yours.

Quest Reward Calculations

The reward calculation of a quest uses this simple formula once completed:
EXP Reward = (LM * BR) * (1 + DB + QB + NB + EB)

Monetary Reward = (LM * LVL * BR) * (1 + DB + QB + NB + IB)

BR: Base Reward earned from a type of quest (i.e. Episode, Arc, Saga).
LVL: The character's level after completing this quest.
DB: Difficulty Bonus.
QB: Quality Bonus.
NB: Noob Bonus.
IB: Income Bonus.
EB: EXP Bonus.
LM: Length Multiplier.

[info=Note]Each player's reward calculation is done separately with their own difficulty and quality scores; this is also done to account for the varying player levels.[/info]

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