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[Info] 03. Leveling Guide Empty [Info] 03. Leveling Guide

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:35 am

Leveling Guide

Revival Dawn has a rather simple system of advancement when it comes to levels. This guide will help you understand this system.

Levels and Experience Points

A player begins their adventure at level 1, and can make their way up to level 100. But, don't be overwhelmed by the highest level, it is meant to only represent the monstrous capacities of the world of One Piece.

Experience can be gained by completing quests. Here is a complete guide on questing.

Each level up requires a player to gain 100 experience points. There are no increments in exp requirements when leveling up. So, if you reach level 50, you would be exactly half-way to the level cap. Therefore, you would require 1000 experience points to reach level 10, and 10000 experience points to reach level 100.


Here is how the levels are tiered:
Tier 1: Level 1-19
Tier 2: Level 20-39
Tier 3: Level 40-59
Tier 4: Level 60-79
Tier 5: Level 80-99
Tier 6: Level 100

Stats and Gains

Each player begins with 200 stat points that can be split as they choose between four stats:

Attack (ATK): This stat determines your ability to deal damage. Whether it be ranged or melee, any of your damage capacity is judged through this stat.
Defense (DEF): This stat determines your ability to tank damage. It can also represent your ability to deflect damage.
Reflex (RX): This stat determines your ability to land and dodge hits.
Willpower (WP): This stat determines your HP and also represents your ability to survive deadly situations, and also your ability to use Haki. Each player's HP is 100+(WP/2).

More information on these stats and how they interact with each other can be found in the Combat Guide.

Upon each level-up, you will gain 20 stat points, which you can then add to your character with the help of a mod.

I leveled up. What now?

If you just leveled up through an RP, you may request a level up distribution in the Approval Waiting Room in the Staff Office section. A moderator will then update your stats in both your character page, and your profile according to your allocation. Alternatively, you can post in the #help-desk channel in the Discord Server for stat update requests.


Once you reach level 100, you may continue to complete quests for EXP. If you acquire a Quality Score of S or higher in a quest after reaching level 100, you may assign the EXP from that quest to that character. For every 1000 EXP you earn from S-score quests, you will then gain a Prestige rank up to a maximum of 5. After you reach Prestige 5, you can go up to Prestige 10 by completing quests with a Quality Score of S+.

Upon each Prestige rank-up, you will gain 20 stat points. For quests where you did not obtain the required Quality Score, you must redirect your EXP rewards to one of your alts or another player's character (they must be below level 100).

Level Caps

Region Level Caps

There are level caps in certain areas of the world. Once you reach the level cap, you may not acquire more EXP for your character in those areas.
Blues: Level 40
Dividers, Paradise: Level 80

Quality Score Level Caps

There are Quality Score requirements to earn EXP within each character tier. Once you reach this tier, you must achieve the required quality score (or higher) to be able to earn EXP for that character.
Tier 1: Quality Score E or higher
Tier 2: Quality Score D or higher
Tier 3: Quality Score C or higher
Tier 4: Quality Score B or higher
Tier 5: Quality Score A or higher
Tier 6 (Prestige 0-5): Quality Score S or higher
Tier 6 (Prestige 6-10): Quality Score S+

[info]The EXP you earn beyond the level caps can be funnelled into another player character as long as that character also meets the level cap requirements (the character does not need to be your own).[/info]

Death & EXP Penalties

When a character is eliminated from a combat encounter, they will suffer EXP penalties and possibly even die based on the quest difficulty score.

Below is a table that outlines the consequences of being eliminated in quests of various difficulty scores.

Difficulty Score RangeElimination Consequences
-4 to -1No EXP penalties.
+0-200 EXP
+1 or +2-500 EXP
+3-1000 EXP
+4 or +5Character Death

[info]The above consequences are specific to combat against NPC bosses. For PvP, the potential consequences must be agreed upon as described here.

If your character dies, you will need to use the Legacy Revival system if you wish to transfer applicable perks and possessions to a new character.

If your character tier is reduced due to an EXP penalty, you will need to remove any excess techniques you may have. You may also temporarily lose haki specializations or ascendancies.

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