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The 45th Shock Battalion Empty The 45th Shock Battalion

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:36 pm
The 45th Shock Battalion

Name: 45th Shock Battalion
Faction: Marines
Number of Members: 1 Player character, a great number of NPC marines.
Highest Strength: Level 25

The 45th Shock Battalion Shocklegion
Insignia/Jolly Roger: It uses the marine logo, but with a lightning pattern running over it. That's the flag of the 45th Shock Battalion.
Motive: The 45th Shock Battalion has always been a battalion who have always played loose with command, they have a history for it. The battalion origins goes back to around 150 years ago, from a vice-admiral who cared very much about the troops, he saw them more then cannon fodder and was always sad when they sacrificed their lives on the front-lines. So, in order to prevent this he started a division known as the "Shock Troopers" soldiers who were specifically good at taking beatings and dealing them back, which were ideal in the frontlines. As this division got more popular, a lot more soldiers joined and were tougher under the command of this vice-admiral, it was officially turned into a battalion.

However, the battalion has a history of sometimes not following orders from higher command, either due to morally wrong decisions, or just orders that are seen as plain stupid when there is the better option. Eventually, playing loose with higher command caught up with the vice-admiral, he took responsibility for all the Battalions denying of orders and was expelled, but the Battalion itself lived on, inspiring younger generations of soldiers to become officers.

While the Shock Battalion is not as great or as big as it used to be from it's glory days, it's a standing reminder for many marines to not abandon your fellow men, and not to disgrace the name of Justice. The battalion believes in the lives of fellow comrades and civilians above all else.

Ship: N/A
Akihiko Mori(The Light):
First Mate: Jaxon Stewart, Lieutenant, Longarm Tribe Member, Served with Ryuji and Akihiko. *
Navigator: Martha Vel, Lieutenan Junior Grade, Despises non-humans, Dark Justice. *
Shipwright: Open
Doctor: Open
Cook: Michael Mouse, Ensign, Cook, New to the crew.*
Notable Members:


*All positions other than Captain are open.*
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