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Lore Timeline Empty Lore Timeline

Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:47 pm
Lore Timeline

You can find all important events of the Revival Dawn lore here. You can find details of each event by clicking the event boxes or by clicking the links inside. Alternatively, you can check out the News Coo or Meanwhile... scenes.

All RPs in Revival Dawn follow "liquid time". As such, you may do quests out of chronological order. However, each quest must still be set around the current year (which you can find near the top-right corner of any page on the site). You may, however, do "flashback" quests that are set in the past.

Note: The timeline below is in reverse chronological order.

February 1829

The Nox Pirates conquer Lvneel.

January 1829

World Government excommunicates all Minks.
The Guardian Knights (Navy) capture Minion Island.

December 1828

Levely takes place at Mary Geoise.
Feral Pirates attack the Levely and Las Camp and abduct Royalty.
Cobalt Stelle is killed at Las Camp.

September 1828

Cobalt Stelle receives a Shichibukai commission.

↑ Revival Dawn ↑


Ursus Berengar and the Feral Pirates take over some of the turfs formerly under the protection of the Black Fist Pirates.


January 26, 1825.
Black Fist Pirates attack Marineford to stop Mire's execution. They fail to rescue her and are all slain, including Gray Starks. Gray's final words ignite the "Revival Dawn". Gray is named "The Conqueror" posthumously and his campaign is titled "The Conqueror's War". Gray Starks actually survives and retires.


Ana D. Mire is captured by the World Government. Gray Starks and the Black Fist Pirates start a brute-force campaign to rescue his mother figure.

↑ The Conqueror's War ↑


Hoard Marsh is arrested and executed. His crew, the Soaring Pirates, disbands. His vice captain and partner, Ana D. Mire goes into hiding.


Hoard Marsh and part of his crew find One Piece and is named Pirate King.

↑ The King of the Pirates ↑


The World Government erases all records of the past two hundred years. This gap comes to be known as the Blank Era.


The second Pirate King is named.


The first Pirate King is named.

↑ The Blank Era ↑

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