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News Coo Empty News Coo

on Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:46 am

News Coo Coolte64

December 10, 1828

News Coo Shichi10
As we near the meeting of the world’s nobility—the Levely—increasing reports of marine activity have been received from the West Blue. While in Paradise, a meeting was held this Wednesday of some of the world’s most elite and well-known seafarers. The shichibukai were summoned to Marineford for what is expected to have been a briefing and a call-to-arms. We have had confirmed sightings of the Sky Knight, Demon Blade, and Iron Beast at the former Marine Headquarters on Marineford proper.

A small fire in the colossal building was reported later in the day, and is believed to have had something to do with a conflict during the meeting. And as some witnesses claim, the Iron Beast caused an uproar which led to him being detained for the night by the admiralty. Vice Admirals Gordon and Warp were also confirmed to have attended the meeting—among others.

“There are only two things in this world you should care about. Are you safe? Are you happy?” commented Vice Admiral Gordon when interviewed the following morning regarding the meeting. We are still unsure what exactly the implications of that statement were, however, Vice Admiral Gordon has been widely acclaimed for his wisdom and thus is believed to have been referring to the safety and security of the citizens of the World Government.

Back in the West Blue, Laguz—the ship under the command of Panther Lily, the second commander of the Feral Pirates—was spotted off the coast of one of the islands within Kano Country. Marine officials suspect that the Happo Navy may have had recent dealings with the Feral Pirates, and may in fact be supporting the launch of an assault on Las Camp, where the Levely will be held starting December 25.

With the shichibukai and the admiralty combining their forces, we may in fact finally see the fall of Firebear’d at Las Camp if the onslaught comes to pass, especially after his defeat at the hands of Admiral Winters in Prodence Kingdom.

October 11, 1828

News Coo Reveri10
As many citizens of the world may already be aware, the monarchs and leaders of the 170 nations affiliated with the World Government are invited to the Levely every four years to discuss matters that could affect the world. This meeting has been held at the seat of the World Council in Mary Geoise for the past forty years.

To the surprise of everyone involved, the location of the Levely has been changed this year. Our reports have confirmed that the Levely will be organized at the 99th Marine Branch at Las Camp in the West Blue. The officials of the World Government have yet to acknowledge these reports and have so far steadfastly refused to comment.

Our contacts in the 99th Marine Branch have confirmed troop movements that indicate an impending major event, which would also suggest that the Navy will be expecting outside interference due to the more accessible location of this year's meeting. We have also had confirmed sightings of members of the Feral Pirates in the West Blue.

Feral Pirates are led by the Mink Yonkou, Ursus Berengar—better known as "Firebear'd". They have allegedly organized raids on transport ships sailing around the neighboring islands of Las Camp. No news of Firebear'd himself has been heard ever since his defeat at the battle of Prodence Kingdom at the hands of the newly promoted Admiral Aurora Winters. But, the territories his allies claimed after the defeat of The Conqueror at the battle of Marineford four years ago are still said to be under the thumb of the Feral Pirates.

While no direct threats have been made by the Feral Pirates regarding the Levely, there is little doubt that this major change in location will ignite some conflict between the mighty Navy and the opportunistic pirates who seek to gamble on the increased activity to and from Las Camp. These attacks from the newly named Yonkou have left terror in the hearts of many citizens, especially after the Thunder Ogre’s month-long campaign in the South Blue last year.

October 9, 1828

News Coo Bridge10
Lumina Bridge, an important toll bridge and town in the bustling economic network of Ilusia, was attacked last Thursday by a small detachment of the New Revolutionary Army. After a short-lived battle that led to the nearly complete destruction of the town's iconic bridge and surrounding official buildings, the NRA retreated from the scene, having left two hundred and fifty-three Ilusian soldiers wounded, and eighty-one dead. Among the sixteen dead civilians, was the town's governor, Janus Laywen, whose body had been left charred and almost unidentifiable in his ransacked office next to the bridge's west entrance.

Witnesses have given accounts of having sighted a man during the attack that resembled the most notorious commander of the NRA, Aryeh Yedidiyah, who the rebels shamelessly call the "Revolution's Lion". These events, along with the recent skirmishes between affiliates of the Feral Pirates and the Marines, have caused the Navy to tighten security in the shipping lanes of West Blue that see heavy traffic. Regular patrols have been increased in between the towns of Ilusia, and the representatives of the Thalassa Family have assured their citizens to not be concerned about future attacks. The Thalassa Family has made repeated claims that the incident was due to a misstep in the intelligence operations of the Marines, and royal soldiers from the capital have been dispatched to provide relief aid to the victims of the attack.

The 45th Marine Branch, based in Ilusia, has launched a formal investigation to pursue the terrorists allied with the NRA, but no public reports have been submitted yet regarding the progress of the investigation.

September 7, 1828

News Coo Pictur10
As many of our readers may already know, the former Shichibukai Chrome "Brightray" Billon was arrested on Clockwork Island, having been found guilty of plotting against the World Government. For many months, the Marines had investigated privateers and pirates with a notorious streak against their fellow criminals to audition for the replacement of Brightray. Fleet Admiral Strauss finally announced the commissioning of the new seventh Shichibukai, without whom the nomenclature of the assembly would be inaccurate. Cobalt Stelle, better known as the "Blue Streak" or "Demon Blade", has been appointed as the seventh Shichibukai.

Demon Blade captains the Blue Rose pirates and sails on her ship "Luna Rosa". She was a noteworthy criminal terrorizing Grand Line with an active bounty of 277 million berries and was hunted down by the authorities many times for her ruthless and bloody massacres. Most of these acts of slaughter were victimless crimes, the only lives lost belonging to criminals and pirates. This is suspected to have been the primary reason behind her selection.

With her bounty now frozen and inactivated, Demon Blade will now be continuing her acts of piracy with the blessing of the World Government. She may no longer be hounded by bounty hunters until such a time as her position is resigned or revoked.

Until this appointment, the assembly of government-sanctioned pirates was dominated by men, with only one female pirate fighting against her faction. But, now with Demon Blade's new seat, we may see a change in the flow of pirates sailing in Paradise and an even more noticeable change in its gender distribution.

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